Are those who condemned WIS now eating their hats?

Player numbers are dropping, EVE could’ve been huge by now with WIS. Just saying, stats don’t lie.

I mean those WIS promotional videos were so awesome back in the day, I wonder what could’ve been…


And what stats do you have to prove that it would be any different if we added a pointless walking feature that added nothing of substance and only served to slow down basic station services? :stuck_out_tongue:

Promotional videos should always be taken with a bucket of salt, the end result rarely lives up to the hype, and WiS really wouldn’t have changed anything

Yay! Awesome Hollywood video will bring players only for one day. And that bots numbers are going down is good information.

Can I have your stuff?

The majority of people actually wanted WiS. It was Monocle-gate that they opposed. But somehow the two got intertwined.


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