Are Uncollateralized Loans possible?

Are Uncollateralized Loans possible? Kind of like real life

Sure are , but unlike real life if someone don’t pay you, this is it.

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Hi safira, thanks for the fast reply. I am new here. +1

If you find someone willing to make un-collateralized loans would you please let me know their name?




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I can help, loan me some isk and I will not give you any collateral.

Loans without collat are not common anymore.
Unless someone is willing to simply take a risk with you then unless you hold a reputation in EvE which is worth losing you stand next to no chance.
Most lenders on the forum will also give you a grilling as to what your intent is to see if you have a proper plan.
We also do our research as when it comes to this type of loan there is no risk to the borrower, all the risk is on the lender.
There have been a fair number of people come to ask for one who have become aggressive or rude when people start asking questions about the need for a loan. 99% of the time that instantly means they are not people who you would want to invest in.

There are no uncollateralized loans in the real life. At the very least your reputation (f.e. your credit story) is your collateral. So if you have a name in EVE then you might get an uncollateralized loan.

They were probably more popular back in the day until trillions of ISK ended up getting stolen and it became a common thing for scammers to try and repeat this activity themselves. Like anything in Eve when you put a lot of trust into something where there is very little given in return your generally going to end up being disappointed with the results.

I try to imagine that most of these investment banker scams probably started out as legit, they were making money and content with the profit and providing a service…but one day they are like Scrooge McDuck staring into his vault and a new idea pops into their head “This is all mine, now!”

Can’t blame them really, especially the more it happens the more people with that kind of power of wealth and trust of people on tap will abuse it eventually. Some saying about power/greed corrupts? So you can imagine powerful leaders in this game abuse their powers, those with much wealth abuse their wealth…after that it is all about the fame of being one of those individuals who rocked the game in such a way you couldn’t imagine a single person being capable of…it isn’t because they always planned it that way from the start…people change and that power and wealth will change anybody who find it in the palm of their hands…and the more it happens the more these people who will not be satisfied with what they have already will go after fame and try to do something like this just to make a name for themselves.

If you want to do non-collateralize loans do it with your friends and those you already depend on to work together to achieve goals as it will be in both your interest not to betray one another otherwise take a lessons from this games history and don’t make a victim of yourself by making a poor decision with a complete stranger or someone who has no reason not to honor their agreements.

What about their reputation, blah blah blah? Yeah, yeah well in a game of infinite clones and alts your going to find that ruining someones reputation isn’t as impactful in Eve online as it is in other MMOs where it isn’t so simple to replace the player character you play on, especially when it involves walking away with mountains of wealth you can become a new player tomorrow or just a new stranger with lots of wealth and well wishes to make new friends with and potentially betray again repeating that kind of activity with very little consequences other than losing your actual friends in this game. However some don’t value their friends as much as others, some see it just as another part of the game and they won’t care when they can turn the coin and start the whole charade all over again.

I mean if they were really honestly friends they probably wouldn’t screw them over in the first place, right?

Unfortunately these things are just a reality in Eve online and you can never quite completely trust someone other than knowing and being friends for a long time that you could be comfortable in believing they would not betray each other.

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