Uncollateralized loans

Where did they all go? There used to be like 3 new ones every day that would suddenly get filled by random strangers but now i leave for a couple of months and they’re all gone

I assume a lot of these people were attempting scams and seeing the grilling they get sometimes over the course of a few weeks decided it wasnt worth the effort.(considering that most never got the ISK anyway)
A lot of the ones who do get filled by random strangers while we have no way of proving it normally its expected they are alts and simply trying to rep grind for a bigger loan in the future.

Too many people like us, calling out the scammers.

Look at this guy for example.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same person trying different attempts. Or perhaps it’s a matter that of follow the leader…1 random posts and then someone else sees it and thinks me too and then another.

Opposition never deterred scammers from trying. True reason is the forum is dead so there is no easy money to collect in scams.

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