Are ya'll playing for the game play or for the dangers around it?

do ya play for the scripted stuff the game offers or because ya know ya lost it when ya undocked?

  • The Game
  • Ya lost it

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For me, this is some of the most heart pumping PvP in any game I’ve played. Closest I’ve come with other games is the PUBG endgame. In both cases, one mistake can be then end of it all.

idk i find it all a bit boring these days
even if you look for fights in anything larger than a frigate they just drop 9 dreads on you
wow such excitement
well anyway ive always said the meta is screwed and the disparity between ship classes is dumb
like if ships classes were much closer in balance like they should be then dropping supers wouldnt even be a thing
people would actually have to fight and the game would be fun

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