I want to love this game, but

After being refused or denied 4 potential 1v1 engagements in a row on my FW Alpha alt, nearly an hour wasted looking for a good fight, simply for the sole reason:

That it seems way too many people don’t even have a clue themselves why they login in this pvp game in the first place ? And would rather sit there in their AFs, DDs or Slicers, shitting their pants and being utterly gutless cowards at a single taunting alpha T1 frig, begging them for a duel in an empty system, in simple need and wanting to learn and practice even the most basic pvp fight mechanics … ?

I mean, is maintaining your precious pixels alive, or how and what other people would think of a potential red or green spot on your KB, become so more important than the game’s content and player interaction for you ?

I feel so much of it being the case on all levels in this game, ie. reflected by one truly weak as F. and cowardish community, and the main reason why I so want to love this game, but … the people inside … ?


Warp core stabs? Forget to activate point? You too slow?

Nono, thats the thing, they were all way older than me and all in pvp capable ships, like I mentioned, Enyo, DD and Slicer, they just all refused to fight…because, an alpha sitting in a T1 frig is potentially pretty fuckin scary you know … ?

Okay… I am going to ask you what I ask my little cousins every so often (usually after they complain about something that another person does):

“If you were in the other person’s shoes, would you say ‘yes?’”

Really think about this.

  • You see a person in a low-sec system asking for a 1v1.
  • Said person is in a T1 Frigate.
  • You don’t know who this person is.
  • They have little to no affiliation to anyone you know (for better or worse).
  • You have no idea what is on the other side of the various gates around you.
  • Hotdrops are a thing.
  • The warzone is filled with people who can WTFBBQPWN you with tactics you see only in youtube videos.

Would YOU take a 1v1 under such conditions without backup?



Lol, you see that’s exactly what I mean, you people take this way too bloody seriously it makes you crap your pants with bulletpoints of reason not to engage (even when flying in cheap and easily replacable frigs), at every engagement …

It’s so sad …

I mean if you were flying a Cruiser, BC or BS, yea those points would possibly apply, but for frig fights in an empty system ? Everyone knows such engagements dont last long enough for any backup to make a difference.


Have you not considered another possibility: perhaps those people had better things to do with their time than indulge someone’s “Fight meeeee! Fight meeeee!” desperate need to prove something? At least, your overtures may have appeared that way to them - for all I know, you were totally prepared to lose and learn from it, but that may not have been apparent to them.

A couple of decades ago, I won my country’s national StarCraft championship, and from that point on I couldn’t go anywhere in SC circles without some upstart wanting to “challenge” me at every turn. I admit, at first it was amusing (and, to be honest, a prideful/conceitful thing) for me to swat these wannabes to “put them in their place” - but the appeal of that quickly waned, as I had other things to do with my time. What was the all-too-frequent response, then? “What, are you scared?” and the like. Do me a ****ing favour! For a while after it amused me to sic an understudy on those, telling them “if you can get past my student, then we can talk” - but even that paled quickly - for my understudies! LOL

Now, I’m not saying I’m any good at EVE PvP - to be honest, my interests have long since moved on from “testing myself against others” or proving anything. What I’m saying is, maybe the players you tried to entice into fights were indeed, some or all of them, very good players, who are simply tired of this sort of pestering… And indicting a whole game’s population as “being cowards” based on your failure to goad a handful of players into gratifying your need for affirmation (or even perhaps a genuine desire to hone and better your skills) strikes me as downright petulant.


What was the setting? Did you ask for 1v1, did you sit in the plex, did you enter the PLEX with them sitting there? What was your ship? Do you have a scary affiliation/killboard?

Just want to add, when I was young and training solo PvP I had no problem getting the 1v1 fights I wanted, though this was like 3 years ago.

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You are not wrong. People used to play the game for the sake of having fun. These days, all they care about are their Killboard stats. There are mostly cowards around that don’t want any risk, just easy kills handed on a silver platter.

You can thank CCP for shifting their game to attract that kind of moronic behavior, while at the same time driving out the former hardcore crowd.



Ok the setting:

I did not sit in plex, I asked for 1v1 engagements in systems, and tried mostly unpopulated ones, where it was just me and the other guy.

The enyo was sitting in a plex, and most likely blaster fit judging from kb.
I was in a dual rep ab T1 rocket breacher (one of the few brawling capable ships against more elite targets for alphas), and I was wanting to practice scram kiting. It’s not like its something the enyo wouldnt be able to handle, even with blasters and good slingshot moves with null . If I’d warped in on him I wouldve just insta-melted and wouldve made an uninteresting fight.

The DD was also sitting in a plex, same story, I asked for engagement, as warping in there wouldve been pointless. I later checked the board to notice the guy was mostly flying dual webbed DD, so even if he’d accepted the 1v1, I wouldve probably fried. Also, the guy was about the same age as I, and even complained I had better “skills” than him and so he wouldnt take fight lol…

The Slicer, had killed me once before as we simultaneously warped on a plex gate, he was sitting already at his comfortable range advantage. Still, I managed to land a web on him once, but died too fast and just as I managed to land scram. So I came back asked for a rematch while sitting in a plex and the guy just said nah and flew off, probably thinking he couldn’t take being scramed and webbed upon entry eventhough a slicers inertia is probably the best of all t1 frigs ingame for escaping that …

And the fourth denied engagement, was against a kestrel, a fair and even 1v1 against a breacher i thought. So I warped in on him and he was sitting at around 30k, and visibly aligned. I burned and started gaining towards him, he was really slow so I assumed he was plated kestrel and looked like he had rockets as well, the perfect match no ? He warped off before I could get a scram him…

So yea… and ftr @Felyx_Ravencroft, and to tell you the truth, Im not sure what kind of self affirmation you’re coming from yourself with so much chestbeating about being a national Starcraft champion, and that you’d have no time to waste on all the “plebs”, but I have to say you could possibly have made a great teacher, only … if it weren’t for the disgustingly pompous and arrogant insinuations in your entire post, any student would sure shy well away from.

My OP came from a verifiable feeling of cowardly and disinterested conduct by players in this specific game, and my frustration with it in spending my own personal time looking to have some simple fun along with people who clearly have other interests than the said fun in mind … ie: like sitting in a plex alone in space, being sad, scared, or arrogant twats and refusing to interact when it doesn’t fit in their BBQPWNDWTF sense of engagement.

Post serves no other purpose other than just saying how annoying it all is, and within reason, and maybe for some people to realize it and start growing a pair for their game’s benefit ?

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Sigh… Apparently you have completely missed my point: the anecdotal “bio” was there to illustrate the concept, and not to “beat my chest” - that was, as originally stated, a very long time ago, which technically and clearly makes me a has-been, right? (However, the fact that you immediately assume my motivation as being of so egotistical a nature does say rather a lot…) When I was a good player at something, the constant "fight meeeee"s quickly became very tiresome. My point was that for all you or I know, those players you tried to engage are in a similar situation, rather than afraid of your potentially mighty prowess. What you perceived as cowardice may have been nothing more than ennui on their part (or perhaps them being busy with or waiting for other things - I don’t know, I wasn’t there, so I can but speculate.) There is also another factor to consider: would you stake a grand on a bet if you stood to win only a buck? My point here is that while you were in a “weaker” ship, they were in expensive ones - you were expecting them to put up their Ferraris against your Volkswagen: hardly a sensible idea, even if the odds ostensibly favoured them.

And then I come back to my last point: based on those four rejections, you proclaim the entire EVE community to be craven - whiskey tango foxtrot!

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Once a person did want to have 1v1 and I initiated the dual, the thing is we dont had any scrams or warp disruptors so anybody could disengage at any moment. When another person warped out, it was like a win for you.

So you’re angry because they won? They didn’t want to fight you, you wanted to fight but couldn’t force them so you lost 4 times in a row and they easily won all four times. This is what you’re really angry at, you were outplayed and were defeated in your plans… but somehow that is THEIR fault? :rofl:



I’ll invite you to observe the situations I described, none of them were in considerably more expensive or overwhelmingly more powerful ships, or “ferraris” as you state, save that enyo perhaps but then would +30mil be that much more expensive for a 2009 guy alone in an AF in Minmatar militia (at Tier 4 since many years now even …)?
Also, I spared all the reasons in my descriptions on why he wouldn’t engage, they were all the plenty, and all the more craven than the next + plus he was sitting alone in a plex in an empty system, so your “he may have been doing other things” and, and it’s not like he was under any constant “fight meee” showers either, or like that any of your other comparisons don’t really hold up.

The asking for a fight was fair game on all accounts by standard, and if everytime a noob asking for a fight just to get a chance to learn the game, is met with either the arrogant ennui you describe or even the purest of craven conduct I encountered, then give me one good reason to even log in without it being a wasted effort ?

OP: move to WH space, plenty of people willing to fight there…

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So in reality what Im reading here is that you really refused to engage 3 out of the 4 on their terms, tried with a 4th and they ran because it wasnt favorable for them, and then are calling ALL FW and low sec players cowards and pussies as a result?

Only coward atm here is you for not warping in 3 times on the first 3 and NOT getting your 1v1. You not engaging yourself is the only reason you didnt get a fight here. You expect people to fight on your terms in a game where thats simply not the case then chestbeat how manly you are and how cowardice runs rampant throughout Eve.

Forshame. :roll_eyes:


This is usually not a good idea nowadays and will make people suspicious. If you want to be successful in solo PvP, shoot first, talk later.

With asking you give a lot of valuable intel away, you alert them (also others in system), they know you are “breathing”, here to fight with PvP fit, you are confident to win … why? Is there some trick, you know something they don’t? Especially if you are not in a ship of same “class”.

There are exceptions, every now and then it makes sense to offer a “1v1 at the sun”, if the other party has already shown the willingness to fight. Also trash talking in local may provoke somebody to engage, but more often people will just back out.

Hence, assess the situation, and just engage and see what happens, either by waiting in plex or entering their plex, and always be the one to shoot first.



You’ll have to explain this then:

Why would someone like me who wants to learn scram kiting run to his certain death in a plex while they clearly already had an advantage shipwise ? My calling out for a 1v1 was to even out the odds a little in order to get a fun and productive fight and not just get an instablapped on entry kind of engagement, which would have been the case for both the enyo and DD. I made that very clear to my opponents, to which they both chickened out.

So, yea…

Fair enough, and good point - all wealth and affordability is relative. A newbro feels it hard if he loses his first Venture or whatever, while a veteran can throw away battleships and more just to see what happens. Touche

Look, I’m not saying that “bitter-vet” arrogance is a good thing - but blanket-accusing everyone of being chickenshits based on your experience with just four players (who for all you know could have been alts of one or just a couple of players) is grossly unfair at best, and… well, potentially much worse.

New players wanting to learn the ropes and be taught new things is laudable by any measure - but there are ways to go about it. Simply going around randomly trying to engage players who, despite your protestations to the contrary, may well have had other things on their minds (you cannot refute that categorically - you are not in their minds, you don’t know what they were thinking about or busy with or who they were chatting with at the time!), is not the way to go about it. That’s not unlike (Warning: dubious “real-life” analogy imminent! :stuck_out_tongue: ) a white-belt karateka or a novice… competitve poetry writer or whatever going around challenging random people to duels. The normal (likely “universal”) response is going to be along the lines of “fk off!” :smiley: Yes, the overall nature of EVE partially mitigates that on the grounds that spaceship combat is an integral part of the dynamic, but it does not represent all of the possible activities and emphases - not everyone is here for the same reasons you are. To think otherwise is to to fall into a very egocentric mind-set trap.

Happy hunting! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this is the sad truth, and I like it no more than you do, @Erik_Doshu - but this is the result of fight-scammers who pretend to want a “fair fight”, and then betray that verbal contract in some manner. This has made people understandably cautious - that’s not cowardice, that’s common sense. One doesn’t walk around Harlem or wherever with their cash and bling and rectal virginity hanging out and expect muggers to come offering a fair fight.


@Felyx_Ravencroft @Tipa_Riot

Well in that case, yea, simply waaaaay too much cautionary conduct to have to deal with from other players each time for just a bunch of 10+ mil’s worth of pixelated material … for me to care and continue give my personal time to.

Unless some folk in this game exist, and who cater to that sort of learning environment where losing pixels and having shitty kb stats doesn’t matter as so bloody much and are here just for the lols …

Otherwise, if only filled by tightarses, I guess it’s so long.

Or see you in Star Citizen, maybe …

No matter what game you go to, people are not going to play it your way to entertain you, they’ll play it their way to entertain them.