Are you Deeply Flawed? Apply Within


Deeply Flawed is a small group of friends across US/UK time zones who enjoy spending their time in J-Space.

We’re all adults, each with a real life and a good sense of humor. While Eve is our main focus, we get together and play a wide variety of games, and discuss a wide variety of topics.

If you’re looking for a relaxed group of mature friends with a slightly twisted sense of humor, look over the points below and come introduce yourself on Discord!

We Offer:

  • Mature Membership
  • Experienced and Competent Gameplay
  • Rage-Free Environment
  • Real Life First
  • Discord (Chat) / TeamSpeak 3 (Voice)


  • C2-C4/HS (Temporary)
  • PvP / PvE / Indy
  • We speak British and American (UK/US TZ)
  • Willing to learn Australian (Help build AU TZ)


  • 25+ Only
  • Good Sense of Humor / Thick Skin
  • Wormhole Experience
  • At least one Omega Character
  • Discord / TS3 / Mic

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