Are you insane? Mind Collapse is Recruiting! [EU-TZ WH PVP Corp]


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Greetings everyone.

Mind Collapse is a wormhole PvP corporation built by veteran players for the purpose of having fun with a stable and entertaining group. We are currently mostly EU TZ with a couple US players. We are looking for relaxed pilots with a sense of humor, that do understand that RL > Eve, as most of our members have jobs/families (although we do have some 16/7 people)

Currently we are well settled in a Vanilla C4 with C2/C5 statics which provide us with an abundance of ISK, PvP, and glorious deaths.

Currently looking for:

  • EU Timezone - Primary
  • US Timezone - Secondary

What we can offer:

  • Teamspeak 3
  • Discord
  • Mapper
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • Many PvP and PvE opportunities in W-Space
  • Guidance in wormhole life
  • Experienced core of the corp
  • Good PI
  • Safe storage of your personal assets.

What we want:

  • A minimum of Level 3 in scanning skills and all-around knowledge of scanning.
  • Some wormhole experience is recommended but not required.
  • Teamspeak is a must at all times you are online in the wormhole doing stuff. We have channels for when you don’t want to listen us
  • Microphone is required
  • Sociable and active players
  • Ability to create content for yourself and the corp
  • All around wilingness to learn and improve.

How can you join us ?

  • Join our public channel “Mind Collapse” for a list of recruiters and say hello
  • Await teamspeak interview while hanging around in our public channel (and asking our directors any questions you have)!

96m SP Toon LF Corp
58mil Sp Char LF new home
Returning player looking for New crew
Looking for new home
~30m SP Pilot w/ some FC experience looking for home
Returning player looking to join active WH corp
37 million sp pilot returning and looking for a FW/PvP Home
70M EUTZ returning player looking for new opportunities
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