Are you insane? Mind Collapse is Recruiting! [EU-TZ WH PVP Corp]

We are once again open for business. Fun corp that always takes the ßàî┬

Free Beer

Beer all gone:Free cake now

Ice Cream?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla all the way!

recruitment vid

Name: Jodka
Contact info: EvE mail (Jodka)
SP: 53m (armor,logi,BLOPS,frigates)
Age: 27
languages: English
Timezone: GMT-8
Professional Summary
I’m a wild man, give me a goal and it will be done. If you don’t have the resources for what you want, I will make them then train people to carry out the task.
My education is in Cognitive Science, along with a background in office work, management, and mathematics. All skills that bolster a myopic work ethic to get the job done.

Additional Highlights
.1% IQ

Thank you

Still Open

Interviews starting soon for new members. Still time to make your jump into wormhole space

J-Space Best Space

^what he said^

Fun corp that always takes the ßàî┬

Good Community Of Players Here who dont let recent events spoil our fun. EvE gos on

Are You Insane?

Still Recruiting Nerds

Free cake

To ze top

What’s going on? It’s been 41 months since I beat the game o7. miss it sometimes… if you’re looking for activity in wormhole space… would recommend it!