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Yeah grown-ups use adult words like bum and willy


Why not ?

People complaining about how unjust the game is, eg the typical “CCP WE ALPHA DESERVE ACCESS TO THE WHOLE GAME AND WE ACTUALLY GIVE YOU MORE MONEY THAN THE PEOPLE WHO PAY IRL FOR THIS GAME” don’t actually deserve a long explanation because they would not read it anyhow. They are here to complain, not to discuss, on why they should be given more (or the others should be given less), that’s why we call their useless blabbering “tears”.

So now let’s consider when the “social part” of the game, AKA the local chans and the forums, are filled with those kind of complains (eg “cyja blyat” or “you suck”, “10 v 2 is for pussies”, “SRSLY ? drop super on my T1frig ?” for local chat).

  • either you think they are serious and they need some help IRL
  • or you think it’s just a joke, exaggerated behavior in a video game.

Once you realize you can’t send them drugs IRL to alleviate their pain, the only solution is to give those whinners the rewards they deserve : irony and a complete lack of seriousness, so that you can enjoy that GAME more. Enjoying that game more is giving it salt, and salt is found in the tears.

Now many people just consider that “arguing against their idea” is the same as “tears” and well, those are most likely children.

But calling people complains “tears” is just a way to remind them : it’s just a game.
(And this is just a forum about a vid game, if you made someone smile with your post it was good post)

While IRL people palying comedy are found out and told to stop, on the internets everybody can create 50 alts and play the same game again (I know, I have 5000 alts just to flag people that do not agree with me), which means there is much more fools on the internet and it eats up much more of your time/energy. You have to be efficient at dealing with people.
So remember that IRL calling people complains tears is rude, but on the internets it’s often the best response.


OP: You sound like a know-it-all…as if we are not capable of understanding the problem.

That would be nice if your post included the persons whom you are responding to.

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Ok. Let’s take Zoo for example. There is a lot of anecdotes that some people trying hard to beat monkeys to be monkeys. Do you think this makes you better if you won?

The same is about these Forums. Yes, those “some” you have mentioned behave very poorly and deserve some jokes.
However behaving like them does put you on the same level. And looking from outside all of you look the same no matter the topic of argument. And the look itself is not really pleasant to be honest. Thus my comment about “12 yo average age”.

Update: take note that i don’t oppose to jokes and humor. It’s just adults should be able to do it without getting down (*) to kids level.

* - Put here proper English word and let me know please so i can learn it.

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Are you telling me this game is actually in real life ?

Yea, behaving like them, that is complaining on how the world is unjust.

That’s because you don’t enjoy the humor of many people. I do the same, it’s not an issue.
However it’s important to realize that this is just humor, and nothing serious. You can’t compare that with eg IRL zoo.
Beating monkeys IRL is in some countries against the law. It makes you a criminal to do it. Calling people playing the fool on the forums “crybabies” and telling they make the thread full of salt is nowhere close as an offense. It is somehow rude, but expecting people to not react to stupidity is also rude - just like expecting people to not laugh when they see their drunk friend trip in the street.

Or expecting this douchebag post…

to be leading to anything constructive.

(sorry I don’t know)

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Last time i have checked these Forums were used by real people? Real people write posts and real people read. Or i did miss some expansion where CCP replaced forums dwellers with NPC bots?

Not sure that i understand what i wanted to convey here. But ok.

I agree. I think that kids should be kids and adults should be adults. However it looks like in recent years the gap is getting smaller and smaller. And it does not look like both parties get better off it. To each their own.

Actually you are describing what i did mention (unlike of your first sentence: i have never said about “beating monkeys” in the meaning that hurting them). What i meant is “be monkey more than real monkey. Make funnier faces, drop more of crap and make more stupid noises”. Sorry for not being concise here.

Respectfully disgree. It looks like that because you are getting older like all of us.

And humour isnt age-gated. Who doesnt like a good knock-up joke?

Bombers Bar had an 8-year old a couple years back when I was still active there…

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My b for being dense here :smiley:

I mean that what you call “behaving like them” is actually not behaving like them.

Just because there are real people behind does not mean they act like they do in real life.

For example I always am smiling IRL (unless I find an interesting problem) so people know they can chill.

I’ve operated in Provi as a solo miner, had some good fun and made some isk. I’d already unsubbed for other reasons but I had intended to put together an Alpha mining fleet for some Provi runs to give some of my corpies the experience. Not now thank you, I’ll stick to lowsec/hisec, enuff content for us already. If I want no local I’ll jspace daytrip.

I am adaptable, quite happy dscanning when it is worth it but I’m not spending my whole game time spamming V FFS. I’ll go do non-Eve before that.

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A CSM insulting players. Not new, but always interesting to read.

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I logged in to like this comment.

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Meh, i have been in null for the better part of 12 years. And have seen where the recruits come from and what types that stay, for what reason and who just don’t last if there is any sort of pressure of risk what so ever.

Mainly the peeps that whine the loudest are empire bears, tired of competing for belts and missions. these folks rarely ever look at the forums, discord, pidgin never see them on coms, never see them on fleets and when you do see them on the kill boards it is a loss mail as they were afk ratting or mining.

Granted, they are seen as cattle who graze the isk fields and alliances and corp benefit from the Hebrew activities. Will not dispute that.

But, just for edification, this idea was put out by null sec peeps YEARS ago when the CSM was a new thing and town hall was just starting up.

The ones that do not want this to happen are Empire mains with alts in Null space…

EDIT: Also this is one of the main reasons in why I have come back and PAID for multiple subs again…so yeah.


I don’t know. I’m having hard time understanding jokes my 13yo daughter brings time by time from her classes.

“She said XXX and she said YYY in answer! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:”.
… and?
“Aaaa, forget it!”

Maybe that’s the problem with me though. :neutral_face: However my opinion about humor is that it needs person to have some basic knowledge about situation and story and environment and such. For example in USSR-times we had many jokes about Communist Party leaders and such. Now you won’t hear such jokes anywhere. Why? They just died with USSR. They are no more funny.

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A good Krushchev joke is worth top Marx though.




guys quit Stalin. You guys have been Lenin too hard on this topic.


These jokes…are you da nyet?