Armageddon Graphics: Really?


Have you ever seen the Armegeddon? It’s a nice AMARR battleship. But it looks so LAME when warping. That huge engine in the back puts out a very very very very small (and size matters) rocket exhaust. It’s embarrassing when I’m traveling through space to feel so… neutered. The graphics are like totally off.

Please, PLEASE, somehow get this info to your developers. They surely missed this when updating the graphics. The Armegeddon looks like it’s got a teenie weenie; literally; pertaining to the rocket exhaust graphics. The entire back of the ship is a rocket, so, it’s like JOVIAL that there’s this little bitty… you know what… pouring out the back of the ship.

Please give the exhaust graphics a realistic… you know what… coming out that massive rear rocket.

I’m so embarrassed when I travel that I’m packing my Amarr bags and heading south of Pluto; flying close to the bottom rim of Uranus.

Armageddon…Armageddon…hmm…lemmee think…um…maybe…

but is it?.. Look up PEG field

We are a very long way from the non-planet of pluto here in new eden, so…good luck, see ya never. o/

This thread is too hot for me. Armageddon out of here before I get burned.

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The new director made Pluto a planet; again. It’s more a planet than an asteroid. If they increase the Armageddon rocket exhaust graphics, maybe that’ll melt Pluto into a lil’ Dumbo, and we’ll know for sure what lies beneath Uranus.

Oh yeah? Uh-oh…I have to look into that, then… :worried:

Well that’s just…swell…
But - 'Bridenstine reiterated his dedication. Pluto is a planet, he said. “I’m sticking by that. It’s the way I learned it, and I’m committed to it.” ’ seems…silly…

“That verdict goes against the official decision made by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) back in 2006, which resulted from a vote among astronomers.”
So the director of NASA gets to override the world on the subject? ok

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