EDONCOM Polluting New Eden?

Has anyone else paid attention to the greenish gasses that the EDENCOM ships trail behind them? They are polluting space!!!

BTW…I like the new shield graphics on the EDENCOM ships when getting hit

Is there any story/back story to this?

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You obviusly didnt see the effects of metaliminal storm, or final liminalities.

And maybe you should go visit Niarja and see for yourself how much trash trigs generate.

Grab a salvager and clean up the space!


are the metaliminal storms a result of the EDENCOM ships pollutants? And we are supposed to be driving out the TRIGs, they are destroying entire systems

Metaliminal storms are effects of triglavians generating heaps of negative emotions in New Eden.


ahh…gotcha, I am very specifically talking about the 3 new EDENCOM arc ships, they leave a greenish trail of gases behind them, much like a car with very bad exhaust, cant be healthy

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This is GREEN energy, it is making space healthier. Your veggies are healthy and are green too, what do you not understand? :wink:


i play on potato mode so all i see is grey :smiley:


I think the Edencom ships use some of the same stolen Triglavian technology. Almost as bad as the smoke belching mining barges.

It’s crazy that we’re in the age of FTL travel, communications and cyber-augmented super clones, but the mining barges still work like 20th century oil rigs. Don’t even get me started on the rorqual with its 4 stacks of smoke belching flame towers.

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according to legend they are steam driven, and burns coal.

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