Question for the Summit

Why every time I enter Minmitar space I feel the rust hitting the hull?
Have spoken to other capsuleers in my travels that experienced the same sensation of dirt, like swimming on a swamp while cruising their space.

Because you are a prejudiced piece of ■■■■?


Because you think fifteen year old racist jokes are the height of humor.


That should be the typical sensation to feel to be in a region dominated by people who have been stereotyped as “tribal, uncivilized” entities. Don’t worry, they’re pretty good especially in manufacturing.

You’ve been fiddling with the capsule’s synaesthesia settings, and set it to matarophobic, probably while trying to adjust your overview. Really, the interface is pretty poor, in terms of user experience.
You need to reset it to factory default behaviour. I forget offhand the input sequence for that. Try left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down, B, A, START. That might reset the capsule. Or it might do something else entirely.
Good luck.


Thanks for the tip, I did reboot my interface and ran a diagnostic on the overview to no avail, everything seems to be working properly. I did some research on the nebula, seems to have high amounts of sulfur-II witch gives it that brown tint and also that faint smell. Haven’t figured out the dirt sensation on the hull. Have several ideas what that might be, high concentration of particles from destroyed vessels, toxic residue from projectiles ammo?

Whatever it is, it’s subtle enough to go unnoticed by most capsuleers.

Maybe the filth is coming from your ship. When was the last time you had it cleaned?

Maybe he’s actually not racist and just doesn’t like the feel of the Minmatar nebula?

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Yeah, I don’t see how race would affect a spatial phenomenon. I’m just trying to figure if it’s a recurrent phenomenon or just me. Some boys from the 24th IC experienced it but this was a while ago. I wondered if anyone here might have felt the phenomenon to but seems not.

Maybe Ms. Valate was right with her initial assessment of some error on my capsule.

I haven’t connected any behavior of the tribes to this effect. My hypothesis is that some kind of effect from the Heimatar nebula is reacting with my hull perhaps ionising, would need to take a better look to be sure.

Sulfur’s spectra are green.

Correct, combine that with the most common element of nebulas; hydrogen.

When ionized it emits on the red wave. Red and green = brown. But I’m really not an expert on this field.

Sounds to me that you’re not an expert on trying to save face after telling a terrible joke either.

I’ve never felt any difference between flying through any particular region of space from another (outside of Anoikis where local phenomenon can affect certain things).


Ships don’t last me that long unfortunately. But is a good observation, I will collect samples next time.

Keep up the backpedaling. At the rate you’re moving backwards you may cause a warp in the spacetime continuum and wind up back at the closing of the Eve Gate.


I don’t know, I got an icky feeling every time I flew into TEST controlled space. Like some odd, gooey slimey feeling of being surrounded by teenagers.

Can you even enter the Republic without being hunted?

In low sec, yes.

In high sec, no.

Doesn’t mean that I haven’t.

Ok let me see if I get this right. You said I’m backpeding because I’m not talking about what YOU thought I was talking? … Thanks for sharing that.

To be clear on my topic; I’m interested to know if anyone here, in the Intergalactic Summit have experienced what I discribed cruising around the Heimatar nebula?

Don’t try playing the aggrieved victim with me, pilot. I reread your original post several times and it was a snarky, semi-racist troll. You know it, I know it and so does everyone else. You only changed your tone once you got called out on it.

If you want to troll and make stupid hackneyed jokes go ahead and do it but at least be man enough to stand by your words and deal with the fallout when it happens.

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