Is Matar hollow ? Sensational claims made

Incredible claims have been made to Gutter Press that Matar, the mother world for all Minmatar, is in fact hollow !

Shell !

The claim was made by a man claiming to be a geologist, giving his name only as “Simeon of Mirkamurka”, that Matar is a hollow planet, with a vast liveable, and inhabited, cavern environment inside the planet, many kilometres below the surface.

Caves !

Simeon went on to say that the interior caverns are divided between the northern and southern hemispheres of Matar, and that they are inhabited by the 8th and 9th Tribes of Minmatar, as well as representatives of the Elders themselves !

Astonishing !

Simeon then claimed that access to the inner world is achieved through vast portals located at the poles of Matar, beneath the ice caps, and that only those with the knowledge of the secret words may pass through them, which is why the Amarr never fully conquered Matar despite a thousand years of occupation. He alleged that the Krusual Tribe also know about these portals, but kept the knowledge to themselves for their own nefarious purposes.

Portals !

Simeon declined to answer questions about the 8th and 9th Tribes, even basic ones such as their names, and how he came into possession of this knowledge in the first place.

Secrecy !

Gutter Press asked numerous members of the public for their opinion on the matter:

“I work on a farm, so I know what a load of old bollocks looks like”, said a Sebiestor livestock rancher.
“9 tribes means three triangles of three, which is a more pleasing geometric arrangement than a 7. I mean, what can you do with a 7 ?”, asked a Sebiestor interior decorator.
“Huh. Well, if true, do you think they have dance as an art form there ?”, mused a Sebiestor exotic dancer.
“Damn Krusual. Always up to no good, if you ask me. Which you did.”, said a retired Sebiestor motorcycle hooligan.
“Hey grandad, you think they have cool motorcycles there ?”, questioned a young Sebiestor motorcycle hooligan.

Scepticism !

Gutter Press. News.


Drugs are bad.


Psst, :female_detective: Do anyone want to buy some sekrit keys to the portals under the ice caps?


Is there no end to the treachery of Molok the Deceiver, to deny the Chosen People of God their rightful conquest of the filthy Minmatar subhumans by hiding them away under a hollow earth?

Ready the invasion forces at once. This time there will be no escape. The blood of millions of slaves will be an adequate key to open whatever occult portals Molok built to deny us entry.

P. S. The Achurans have already been revealed as the 8th Tribe of Minmatar, so these newly discovered subterranean tribes are the 9th and 10th. All 10 Tribes shall burn in Hell. Amen. Amarr Victor.


I hope the invasion happens, BTW take some cold drinks, magma is very hot here. :ok_hand:

Literally, you will have to cross underground lava streams and rivers. Super heated water streams are too very boiling.

Search in the deepest place, at centre. :wink:

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You seriously need to get laid so you can stop this crap once and for all.

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I think he did, actually. It only made things worse in the end.


Hee. Yeah … it turns out being given over for destruction is kind of like an STD your whole bloodline catches from one of your members having sex with Mr. Nauplius. Although, maybe it’s more like Vitoxin: it’s fine until that person tries to leave him. . . .


I tried to have sex with him, he didn´t wanted it. :worried:

But again, i´m not launching crusades agaisnt him or his kind because of this. It is kinda creepy cute the way he obsess his energy and resources toward his perspectives.

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Of course the end point of this particular chain of thought is Nauplius decides that every other person in the universe is given over to destruction. Including the True Amarr who obviously aren’t true anymore (because they don’t agree with him).

Perhaps he should just cut to the chase and join the EoM now (or possibly take it over)? They seem like the sort of folks that would get on well with him. Maybe he could get one of their hilarious shield tanked, hybrid using versions of the standard Imperial hulls to blow up in?


Wait. This wasn’t common knowledge?

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Heck my grandmother had a map in her room over these places, and it hits the news just now??


Ridiculous. Matar is not hollow. A hollow planet? It makes no sense at all. The physics wouldn’t work!

Matar’s center is filled with a creamy nougat.


Matar isn’t hollow. Only its people.


Not true. I have had sex with a Khanid, a Gallentean, and a True Amarr without receiving any revelation from God that those bloodlines have been given over to destruction.

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Perhaps you were so involved with the carnal pleasures of the flash that your faith was not strong to hear the calling.

You could consider atoning for this grave sin that is being so delighted in the sounds fluids and sensations of intimacy that you gave your back to your god.

Repent and bring forth the word of the heaven to all the cluster and beyond.

None are without sin.

It is spoken


Nauplius, you should go to Matar and start digging, don’t worry I’ll stand guard with a rifle incase anyone comes to disturb your excavation…


My sins are periodically cleansed in the blood of slaves. God is a merciful God to have supplied his Chosen with slaves, that their sins might be forgiven in their blood.

But what about you, Ms. Tsukiyo? Have not your filthy fornications built up a great store of Wrath in God’s great storehouse of Wrath? Have you no desire to cleanse your sins upon the Altar of God in the Blood of the Brutor, the Blood of the Sebiestor, and the Blood of the Vherokior?

Damn, I thought it was flat!

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Do you think the occult powers provided by the Achur blood recognize acts of pleasure as sinful? This biological vessel is hardwired to experience existence, a mere way for reality to take a look at itself and become.

When i invited you to repent, it was not about you experiencing pleasure, but closing your eyes during it instead of having them wide open. You wrap yourself in the veils of Maya, entering a loop of pre-conceptions instead of really experiencing.

You put all your focus on something that is but an instrument, and shut yourself to the tools within.

The blood that runs in this body is one of the many fire colours that burn life around the cluster. There are more powerful forces at work, and when it is time you shall handle them.

In the meantime, taste me, and become something else.

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