Minmatar engines and constructions sound effects

First time I’ve been playing Minmatar and immediately noticed how annoying they sound. For example during the afterburner and jump process my Probe makes high pitched noise no other empires have (at least for now I haven’t heard any) and stargates are producing low annoying humming sounds.

That is very uncomfortable, so maybe you can tone it down. I umderstand the visual style of the empire and all those noises do not sound particularly out of place there, but threr is just too much discomfort flying the ships.

It gets a lot better with their bigger vessels

Isn’t that just the “zzziiip” noise of duct tape being pulled off the roll?

Actually I was thinking exact same thing)) And about the rust on top of that)

Terribly sorry, I’ve listened to Caldari ships and they make the same noise - gatwise too. My mistake)

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