Arms Race Assemblers (Spawning ships out of Thin air)

Arms Race Battlecruiser Assembler / Arms Race Battleship Assembler

This special one-shot assembler contains nanite feedstock, templates and a dedicated processor that will build a standard battlecruiser / battleship when activated.

Spawning Skill Points out of Thin Air for the cash shop wasn’t enough of a warning Signal to this current CSM,

now ccpgames spawns battleships etc out of thin air, and again this CSM does not get that spawning ships or

even skill points out of Thin Air is a very bad idea, please stop Defending this practice by the Company.

source: Where are the Daily extractors?

No doubt this current csm again will collude towards this practice eg. by saying it will not significantly impact the in game economy.

The reason why this is a very bad practice is because New Eden is supposed to be Capsuleer driven in game market.

But this csm tends to forget the history and basis of the open world player driven mmorpg, because consequences matter imo.

Regards, a Freelancer

ps: please Do your Job csm


Look at it this way.

CCP just brought back battleship insurance fraud. :wink:

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I suspect you might be overestimating the CSM’s influence just a tad.

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Just as an FYI, unlike with the Alpha Daily Injectors which we’ve worked with CCP over the past 18 months to make sure that they were in a state that didn’t damage the games ecosystem, or Resource Wars where we specifically talked with them about the precautions they’d need to make to ensure it didn’t impact the market, the CSM had no communication on the Arms Race rewards given to us. We are currently in the process of explaining to CCP the impacts of this and why this kind of thing isn’t ok.


I think you got them to go too far on rw not impacting the market at all and made it almost a negative income.
But glad to hear you are discussing the event ships from this event. I’m curious in what form you think this could have worked while still giving ships out at the end for alphas to explore the larger classes.

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I’m glad still some people see that as a problem. But I’m pessimistic, the rubicon towards a themepark MMO in highsec was crossed with RW, and the new developer generation does not understand and value sandbox play.

IMO there is no middle ground or hedging … just don’t spawn player manufactured items outside of the NPE. Don’t do it, no compromise.

I remember some years back there was the goal to make everything player build finally, what happened?

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Think of it like this, I am Indy which I spend the majority of time building, big ships, little ships, modules, research, rigs, etc, Indy, these ships being spawned are a drop in the bucket in the universe as a whole, prices have dropped, be smart, with that extra ISK stock up on some, at some point prices will rise, at worse you have extra BS to use, besides it should encourage more alphas to jump into BS and hopefully stay and pay.

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Minerals in belts are spawned out of nothing to be mined. Bounties from rats in Nullsec and gasp highsec come from nothing as well. I do not see this as any different than using loyalty points to omg make a ship out of nothing. Highsec is a terrible place and I live there. It needs help most people live there sadly enough. Alot of the good stuff in the game is in null. I lived in null for a while I was safer there in the sense I knew who my allies and enemies were and how many jump out they are as well as the shiptypes flown and gang/fleet size.
Back on point I don’t see how 10k+ poorly fit killmails will hurt the game in the long-run. If peeps get excited with a free magical spawned battleship and go fight dudes and commence explosions to me it sounds like a win/win.

If you are building battleships and people are undercutting you for them because they want a quick sale. Maybe buy them for the resale?

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The problem comes with scale. If it’s say 10% of all sales of that type of bs in a month it’s just a blip. If people do it on every alt and it’s 6 months worth of bs that’s a lot more than a tiny blip and can ruin a specialised industrialist for the next year.

Because of this it should be looked into if there are better ways to generate such ships that aren’t utterly free but still rewarding. The aim of getting alpha pilots excited and flying ships that then make explosions one way or another is certainly desirable though.

Tldr. Good aim but there might be a better implementation.

the SP out of thin air is only for alphas that cant train, although I think it could have been a special extractor used by an omega that becomes a injector for alpha. But I do agree with the ships, when im done ill have 12 battleships and 12 battlecruisers

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A time-limited event, a fun give-away that requires at least some minor effort before it arrives in your redemption queue, and it’s December when gift giving is on many people’s minds. Markets will adjust, I don’t have a problem with this.

Spawning ships out of thin air by ccp IS impacting the new eden economy significantly.


Regards, a Freelancer

ps: seems everybody that used to give a damn left eve a long time ago, nobody around to say this is BS.

Forgive me if I read those graphs in a very different light.
What they tell me is that within a week the markets had recovered in nearly every case or were showing obvious signs of finishing their recovery.
The couple of exceptions were already showing a downwards trend and this trend showed no significant difference during the event.
Obviously trade volumes were up, but the natural hoarding tendencies of EVE players appear to have soaked most of the sudden appearance pretty well.

Also forgive me if I read an article about things affecting the new eden economy from the goons with a laugh and a lot of scepticism since they are the group most affecting the economy and to a far bigger impact than these tiny hiccups.

Still, I’m in agreement it wasn’t a perfect way of doing the event, but as a just this once event it didn’t have major long term impacts on the market. Obviously if it happened every 3 months things would be different, and so a repeat isn’t desired.

But trying to pretend it had ‘significant’ impact on the economy when your very source shows recovery in less than 7 days for a lot of the ships is a laugh.

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