Arms Race Release: Updated FOBs and Resource Wars

The next release has a name, and in addition to the alpha clone changes and a bunch of other stuff, there are updates coming for some of the new content released in Lifeblood:

The relevant bits:

Pirate Forward Operating Base Improvements
Changes to Pirate Forward operating bases with the Arms Race release will see capsuleers take on an elevated threat, with more FOBs spawning after this release that are easier to find and engage with.


Resource Wars - New Role & Balancing
With the Arms Race release, Resource Wars will see the introduction of a new role that allows capsuleers to fly as a support pilot, earning rewards by providing remote logistics to fellow capsuleers, and vessels from the empire that they’re supporting.

In addition to this, there’ll be some balance passes made on several aspects of Resource Wars for this release, including the addition of new rewards and some changes to their costs.

Is this in Sisi yet? Anyone tried it?


Good find, but stuff tends not to appear on SISI until after a formal annoucement, or at least a Dev starting a topic saying “testing this stuff”.

Well, this release is in 7 days. Doesn’t seem like much time to fix any problems found during testing.

I guess that means whatever changes are in store will show up untested then.

That’s pretty much how the last few releases went. Last minute stuff.

Oh and just manged to get on SISI, no changes to the RW LP store that I can see, just the same 4 pre-fitted ship offers (Minmatar store).


The amount of rage I’ve seen from people autopiloting through FOB systems, or getting pushed out or ice/ore belts by FOB raiders, looks like it’s going to increase. It’s funny how CCP’s attempt to encourage players to band together to clear the space for the common good has mostly just pissed off all the loners. Hopefully more FOB-hunting communities pop up as a result.

Brb going on a popcorn run.

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More annoying rats that make the game more tedious yaaaay.
Thats what we need.

Hallelujah :heart_eyes:

You mean encourage deeper engagement.

what gets me is the pirates arent ready, i thought i was coming to a heavily guarded gate when half of them started attacking me and i saw it was blood raiders, you cant tell whats concord/empire npc/pirate

Also i cant find any dev blogs explaining this stuff in details other than alpha changes and fuel changes

No, i ment annoying and tedious. Engaging in this “content” is a waste of time because the rewards are crap. All it does is making the very useful autopilot feature unusable. CCP has basically automated ganking and using cheap ships (= not gank worthy for human gankers) wont save you this time.

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I too have seen nothing on these changes and this update was the first word. I’m kinda surprised at the short notice and lack of details, but I guess that is part of the fun.

I wonder if the FOBs will now spread to the other pirate factions and all of Highsec? I guess we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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Using cheap ships is only half the answer to begin with. Safeguarding yourself against a gank has always required the following two strategies employed simultaneously:

  • Fly a reasonably tanked, reasonably priced ship to haul reasonable values of cargo
  • Scout the route, stay at your keyboard, and otherwise engage with the client while hauling.

Neither of these things will change. In fact, they are more salient than ever! We can only hope that these improvements continue.


Im wasnt talking about hauling expensive cargo. I was talking about travelling and hauling cheap cargo. Daily routine stuff. In the past i always used autopilot for it. Now i have to travel manually which requires a lot more time/attention. Thats why i said it will make EVE more tedious.

Incursion rats were blocked from visiting gates in highsec, perhaps these new Ai’s should also be blocked from gates.

Then your previous daily routine was foolish, nomatter how convenient it may have been, and you are fortunate you never experienced a “routine” gank. You really ought to be grateful some dumb NPCs have been introduced so that you learn better habits before you encountered a more formidable human PVPer.

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It is foolish to waste your time with pressing the jump key for 10min when you could do it with autopilot. Automating this mind numbing process is the point of the autopilot feature.

When are the Serpentis/Angel ones gonna be online? It seems unfair if only Caldari/Amarr space has those things.

Are they gonna be more aggressive? All what I have seen now is just killing AFK miners in belts, instead of what I expect-some powerful NPC actively hunting players.

And is the solo strategy gonna be nerfed anyway?

They are everywhere, check the killboard

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@CCP_Falcon I know you are very busy but will there be any official announcements (blogs / posts) about this coming patch?

Will any of this stuff hit the test server? you know so we can try and break it before hand?

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Most of it is already on the test server right now.

This deploys next week, so the vast majority of it, other than the Daily Alpha Injector being seeded in the NES, is on Sisi, as far as I’m aware.