Arrests of Mikramurka Defense Officials

Using attacks on Mikramurka to make a move on the tribe.

I suppose after the Purge and after Colelie nothing should surprise me anymore.

Why do I keep on expecting honor from this band of thieves?


This seems completely reasonable.

I look forward to a disproportionately angry response that doesn’t address anything, and only attempts to discredit the author.


No it does not. But I suppose who cooks up the wildest, craziest accusations first wins the populist vote these days.

You’d think you’d actually address the points instead of just calling Kala a ‘crazy bitch’ then.

The most relevant ones I already did, in her previous crazy thread.

There’s nothing crazy about it.

A mere month ago, we warned everyone what would happen if so much power–in this case, power over Matar’s security defenses–was given to one man. Not only that, but specifically Allek Berialsh, who has already been seen to abandon one tribe in favor of another.

We requested a full and formal inquiry into the failure of defenses over Mikramurka during the Blood Raider attack. And while the Tribal Council will claim that these arrests are the product of such an inquiry, they do not fulfill the formal part of our request, which would have begun with an open and transparent discovery of evidence–not with a sudden and unexplained flurry of eye-catching arrests.

If these arrests are honestly connected to any investigation of the Blood Raider attack, then Berialsh and his Planetary Security bureau will release full details of their findings against these officials and their reasoning behind the arrests. Until then, I cannot hold any confidence in this sham appointment, and I certainly hope the Tribal Council will not fault me for taking my own actions to keep my clan and Tribe safe should the need arise.


Odd. I read “We applaud the appointment of Allek Berialsh”, not a warning in sight.
So, now, it’s all wrong, because maybe, just maybe an investigation has found up evidence that there were corrupt Sebiestor officials maybe in place that turned off defence batteries and satellites?
I mean, if we’re just shooting ■■■■ here, why not consider the possibility of that. I’m all up for the “■■■■ Shakor and his disgraceful rise to power”, but none of these accusations thrown around so far have a leg to stand on.

But I guess, it’s then better to deflect as hard as possible, blame everyone else first, if that really was the case.

I hope so, yes.

I agree with everything you’ve said, but you’ve drawn your battle lines wrong.

The Krusual are not enemies to the Sebiestor. Is there old animosity between us? Yes, there is, and it would be misleading to ignore that. Does that animosity have anything to do with the pantomime unfolding now? No, it doesn’t. In fact, we Krusual have as much reason to be suspicious and leery of Shakor as you do.

How much power do we really wield in the Tribal Council right now? Not much. We don’t even hold much sway in the public imagination. Really we’re just the boogeymen of the Republic, these days.

I notice you barely mention the Brutor. Obviously they support their figurehead, Sanmatar Shakor. And you saw how heavily they came down on the idea of a mud-wrestling match that involved a Sebiestor and a Vherokior–nothing to do with them. Just being opportunistic.

If there’s to be a divide, then don’t you think we’re better off on the same side? There’s no need to alienate us when we’re better off collaborating. The Brutor and Thukker have already aligned themselves together, opposite the Sebiestor. Now’s a good time for more allies, I’d suggest.

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In this I consider the Brutor to be, at best, willing dupes. Their pride in the Sanmatar blinds them to his faults.

I’m afraid your Tribe are firmly on the side of the Thukker and Shakor in this. The Krusual Chief himself proposed the powers that enabled Shakor to appoint Berialsh.

This, I agree with.


Keep reading, sweetie:

We applaud the appointment of Khumatar Allek Berialsh as Matar’s Planetary Security Co-Ordinator. Having a dedicated point of contact for security matters is a sensible start in the right direction. We anticipate receiving further details on how the Khumatar’s department will be organized to liaise with the different tribes and their component clans, many of which have different customs, structures, and established security systems that will be difficult to coordinate under one common policy.

And from the amicus brief:

In light of the appointment of Khumatar Allek Berialsh to the position of Planetary Security Co-Ordinator of Matar, we echo the concerns expressed by the clans of Mikramurka listed on the Petition for Inquiry, as regards the need for comprehensive but specialized security policies across the many regions of Matar.

Shorai and I used pretty words because we were asked to be diplomatic. Don’t mistake our ‘applause’ for approval when we’re clearly stating that we have reservations about the appointment.

#3 rule is to not cherry-pick quotes to support your argument, or at least to keep reading before saying ‘Aha! I got her!’

We’re talking about government here. All we’re ever really going to have is conjecture, because they control all of the moving parts. But Kalaratiri has pointed out similarities in this government’s modus operandi, and it’s beyond fair to expect that they’re pulling the same trick again.

After all, pretending to be something they’re not is the only way that any Republic government has ever survived.


I… really don’t like this. I don’t see a tangled web. I see a bunch of coincidences strung together. However, ya this is something I don’t see a reason for. There has to be a reason for this, an actual reason. There better be a reason. I don’t know what to say… Wow.


Every additional coincidence becomes a lot less coincidental.

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Oh, absolutely. I just don’t think these coincidences exactly connect smoothly. Honestly it’s alot of hoops to jump to reach that conclusion, at least in my eyes. Does it show a trend? Yes, though I don’t see consolidation of power as necessarily a bad thing. It can be, ya, but splintered our forces are nothing, together we are a force to be reckoned with.

With regards to the most recent events… There better be a reason…

Can we please wait until we know what is actually going on before anyone starts making accusations? All we have is one line in a Scope article that there were some arrests. Who and for what reason we do not know.

I am also incensed at the undertone of denigration to my Tribesman. He’s Starkmanir, of course he’s going to come back to us when he finds out he actually has kin. There’s so little of us left, we want all our lost kin we can get. I never thought I would see the Sebiestor Tribe complain that they lost a member.



Did I not say there has to be a reason my tribesman were detained? I think it’s fair to expect a valid reason.

I was posting that to the thread in general, not you specifically, Miss Vess.

Ahh, my bad.

Consolidation of power is a bad thing.

Coordination of power, the ability to work in concert, that’s a good thing. Taking the power to make change and govern on behalf of our people out of the hands of the Tribes and securing it in one person—while giving that one person the authority to hold onto that power until he feels ‘conditions are right’ to set it aside?

That’s bad. That’s fox guarding the henhouse bad.

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I actually do agree with you, my only problem is, do you view that as a possibility? Admittedly I wish for that, I really do. I just don’t necessarily feel it’s a certain outcome, ya know? We are still fractured, even if our goals are aligned…

Says the woman living in the benevolent dictatorship of Goonswarm.

I haven’t seen any inclination that the Sanmatar is doing anything other than acting in the best interest of the Tribes. All the Tribes. All seven of us.

We say things like ‘never again’ and it happened again. Someone came to Matar and enslaved Matari. We need deeds, not words.