Artisan Upgrades to Ships

Artisan trades have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, swords with jewels encrusted onto them (Even though they’re more ceremonial)

people put racing stripes on their car, gemstones on watches.

so with that, why can’t i slap a decorative layer of Tritanium or Isogen or some other material over my ship.

it serves no practical function other than I think it looks awesome

some skins and the heraldry stuff don’t last forever.
so why can’t i slap some go faster stripes on my ship because i think it looks l33t

akin to adding warpaint onto your ship but instead of a paint, just refined material.

i would burn through Isogen and Morphite if it meant i can have a permanent stripes on my ship, with some pre-selected options and then spend the mins for pure decoration.

I’d love that, i could make my wolf look MUCH more like a beast without having to break the bank.

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