As I wanted to be a candidate for CSM this year of #EVEonline - but then forgot to sign up in time due to RL.. I though just write all my ideas down and leave them here free to pick and downvote by any haters

My thoughts about EVE.

During my time playing EVE I lived through the huge amounts of changes CCP has done to the game. I stayed loyal to the game in high and low times. Looking at the player stats and the way evolved help me make a point and speak up to help the game stay here for another decade.

I want this game to last another decade. Sadly with the current meta of the game I am afraid that it won’t. Thus I want to help EVE get back on track for every player and start looking more at the big picture rather than the little nerfs and buffs (a little bit of capacitor here some bonus there). Those will happen, if we wish or not.

There have been several times where one thing was better than the other. So we had the age of Battleship Warfare, the age of the POS, the age of T3 100MN cruisers and so on as you might remember…

With the introduction of free to play and even more skill injectors the EVE meta has changed massively in conjunction with other changes.

Today in real life everything is evened out and has to be fair to everybody. EVE did the same steps, while in the same time allowing ganking and scamming. This seems kinda odd.

EVE has become way too fair and thus it’s popularity is declining. I want EVE unfair again.

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