Asking for me to auth

(Tricks Trax) #1


I created an account months ago. When I tried to login it asked me to enter the code from the auth email. I never got an email. I forgot about it until now. Even after the recent mirror it asks me to enter the code from the email but it never sends me one. I looked through junk, promotions, social, spam, etc etc.

Can I please get some help?

Thank you!

Edit, this is for sisi, TQ works fine.

(Henri Egdald) #2

Same problems here with 3 accounts Borris Mernher, Herni Egdald and Shalla Shanka

(Ghirard) #3

Also having this issue, haven’t changed any account settings in the 6 months i’ve been back playing. I get the auth challenge and i have a token setup on my phone, it does not accept the token on sisi. Says it’s incorrect.

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