Asking if Anyone is Opposed with Frostpacker Joining the Corp/Alliance Speak up Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

I appreciate this direct invitation that will change my focus within EveOnline to apply my full commitment ONLY towards achieving the future tasks and goals set out before me.

My Reference Letter

As a Good Citizen of New Eden I humbly request openly here on this thread that if anyone opposes of such change in my path by joining this Corp/Alliance please speak up now or forever hold your peace.

I oppose this! It’s unconscionable!

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I take it that you’re showing some form of disapproval of my potential future path?

Please could you confirm your reasons why you’re not supporting me on this?

Frosty has been a bad boy, now hasn’t he?

Now don’t you think that you should pay the princess and enrole at her impudence training Accademy like a good boy?

No reason at all, I felt like being contrary and it looked like the perfect opportunity :smile: You don’t need my blessing. Whatever you choose to do I wish you success.

Do you have Aiko’s permit to join that corp/alliance? Because if not then she is opposed to it. I assume the usual 1 bil processing fee applies if you want to request her approval. :blush: :innocent: :smirk:

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Please close as invitation was revoked for not holding a permit.

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