Asklepian oméga vs Armor implant +5

Just wondering. Would there be more advantage using à +5 armor duration implant than thé slot 6 oméga asklepian implant. Iam using med grade asklepian with slots 1 through 5. Thx

+5% reduction of duration (RS-605) is a bit weaker and causes increased cap consumption but much cheaper than mid-grade asklepian omega. The choice is yours.

Caps is an issue. Thx

Its a hard call, but omega with complete set is most likely the best option.

The omega will give upto 55.6% benefit if a complete set (55.6% benefit for high grade)

As for cap issues you can use modules and rigs to fix that, but very hard to get anywhere close to the 55.6% Asklepian bonus.

Full set it is.

To help with cap i have in slot8 the shire implant, adds 5% to cap battery.

Did look at the slot6 one, but the best from adding the omega to a full set just push me that way.

If i have cap issues ill normally throw a t2 cap control rig in, and midslot t2 cap recharger, if i have real issues then a power diagnose in lowslot.

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