Assault Team Alpha ★ Recruiting You!

** Assault Team Alpha ★ ** Is recruiting you! Yes you.

We are a friendly… well as friendly as a Corp slaughtering pirate guild can be.
We are looking for all types of players. the hardcore gamers, the new players, the players who are just looking for a good time. You name it.
If you like PvPing in massive fleets, having a team of destroyers having your back when in trouble or just the type that enjoys a cold beer and is longing to get to belong to a “friendly” community - This is the Corporation for you!
We are right now starting a new and fast growing Alpha Corporation that together can, and will, do wonders. We are few but soon will be many. Join us and I can guarantee you a pleasant experience in the great horizon of New Eden.
If you feel at all in doubt, just try us. We won’t disappoint! // Corp leader Guardian Sol

First contact you can do in many fun ways such as:

  • Shoot me, Guardian Sol, or anyone of my good friends Rockboat or Michael Neel a message in game saying you are exited.
  • Send your application to the corporation ASSTA “Assault team Alpha”
  • Or just scream loudly in "Rookie chat that you want to join the best Corp there is.

All good choices. Looking forward to it!

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Join our growing family for easy going fleet fun!

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