Assault Team Alpha ★ a corp for alpha clones

Calling all alpha clones!

Do you wanna
★ Shoot spaceships with your corp wingmen?
★ Infiltrate Low Sec, Null Sec or even Wormholes with your corp members at your side?
★ Mine and explore with support from your corp members?

At Assault Team Alpha we embrace the alpha lifestyle. We want to explore its possibilities with accepting its limitations, and of course having a good time while doing it.

We created this corporation so our members have a healthy base of pilots to join up in fleets with and experience the world of EVE in a way alpha clones could not experience it alone.

If you are interested feel free to send me or our war hero Guardian Sol a message in game.
Fly safe o7

Rockboat ★ Diplomat ★ Assault Team Alpha

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Join up and embrace the alpha lifestyle with us !

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