Assets value stored intel

Is there any way to get information on assets stored per region, stations (player or NPC), system or otherwise? I imagine there is a Scrooge McDuck size gold mountain stored in Jita.

Imagine the hauler chaos and pickings if everybody started to move it out in panic if Jita were to fall.

No, simply.

The old trade hubs would probably have many hundreds of billions in NPC stations - Jita, many many many many many trillions…

Most of the existing T2 BPOs will be in NPC stations (because, not withstanding recent events, ‘most’ people are sensibly too paranoid to move them around any more) - so untold trillions scattered about in manufacturing NPC stations

Then there are the old/existing Missions hubs - more billions/trillions

A bunch of T2 BPO’s got raided from abandoned stations


Still would be interesting to see a high level value

If you keep them in a ship cargo on an abandoned station is it safe?

Part of the problem would be ascertaining wealth - T2 BPOs are not really worth a lot in market terms… but are worth a lot in ‘reality’ - so even CCP would have a few issues working it all out

Nothing is safe in an abandoned station

Well they can take guestimates like their wealth overview in the character info, they exlude used blueprints

Yup, that might be interesting - estimate regional wealth

@CCP_Convict any chance something could be worked out for the monthly economic report? Some sort of Regional stored wealth measurement? might be a rather cool addition…?!

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I would like to know as well. Even if they can’t do it, an answer would be nice.

You needed to end your post with “a friend is asking”.

12 yrs later, I’m no friend of CCP. I’m just curious.

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