Assist Round up idea

What about ccp putting in a way to round up all your assist in to one location and have it be a once a year thing, and cost say 1000 plex. Also have the ability to exclude station that you what to leave stuff. Just like you all i have stuff scattered all across eve and moving from point a to b is just tiresome, some would say just HIRE some one to move it. Well this would still allow the people to be Hired out to move assists from point a to b. Also people can say well just assist safety it well. what if it is still in an npc station or a player owned station or in low sec?

What about just hiring someone to haul it all in the first place?

Your idea does nothing but remove interaction between players.


Red frog or black frog. It’d be cheaper than your idea.

No magic movement.

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This is an example of someone that makes isk off of hauling other people Stuff. One could argue this point easily. BUT until ccp removes player owned stations there is NO way to access your items. One could say just use black frog, use claderal. myself I’m an older player and black frog dose not have access to all or go’s to all stations.

ALSO if you would read above im not saying this can be used every day, ONCE PER YEAR at a cost of 1000 plex

Doesn’t matter how expensive or rare you make it. I can contract a coalition worth of assets to an alt and move it, then when i want to move it back i can contract it to another alt and move it back. It’s risk free and null blocs have the cash. NO MAGIC MOVEMENT.

Old player coming back? Liquidise. Can’t? Too bad. At least you aren’t starting from scratch though.

Literally this. HIRE someone to move it.

Then you should understand why this is a bad idea, and why player interaction is to be preserved rather than automated. Interestingly you don’t spell or punctuate very well for an older player.

Black frog for nullsec and Red frog for highsec. It’s not rocket science.

The hauling service they provide is awesome, reliable and worth every penny you throw at them. Go on their website and use the transport calculator to get an estimate.
Put in a proper collateral and you are good to go.

I’ll just firesale everything like many do, and STOP hoarding things all arround it’s a bad habbit.

Take an option:

  1. go round up the stuff and move it (play the game).

  2. Sell it to the locals (play the game).

  3. Have others haul it for you (you and they play the game).

  4. There shouldnt be an option where you get to, ‘not play the game’.

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