Just an idea

I was thinking that it would be nice to have a way to pay plex/money or isk to get all my items that are strung out everywhere…into my home station…I would pay good for this optoin

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You could set up hauling contracts for ISK.


You fool, thats probably not what he wants. :rofl:

That would force him to wait for other players to do it and even worse, to pay high rewards for anyone willing to carry his stuff. No, it would be far easier to just “select all → move to my home station → pay ISK/PLEX/$$$”.

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Ah yes, pay PLEX to bypass the game and bypass interaction with other players.

It would go against the basic principles of the game if goods automatically teleport around for convenience, so I give it little chance of happening.


I got the perfect IDEAL!
Contracts that require plex payments to CCP for haulers to haul…it does not go into their hauler, but they get guaranteed safety and zero space taken up to haul goods via tracking the hauler to see if it made the route and CCP gets more MONEYS…

and i suppose you would like to have a “quick travel” button to allow you to pay for not spending time traveling from a system to another one?
and a way to pay to instanteously hack a can with your relic/data analyzer instead of doing this stupid “hacking mini-game”?

Perish the thought. Who would want to have that in their game? /s

If you want your stuff moved and would like to pay ISK for the service, use Red Frog Freight. Link: https://red-frog.org/

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