Asteroid belt Render Distance when zoom out issue

(Ariel J) #1

Hello i just started playing eve again and runned into annoying problem i am having
i noticed this when was going to mine,if i zoom out a little bit the asteroid on the belt begins to dissapear(unrender?)eventually the whole belt dissapears on my screen(not overview)if i zoom out enough.

if i zoom in on my ship they being appearing normally,so if i want to see the asteroids i have to have the camera kissing my ships ass

tried every settings on the options
everything high,everything low,all checked,all uncked.
nothing works

even reinstalled the game,nothing.

i remember back in 2009/2010 i did not have this issue

Anyone runned into this issue before?

i have a pretty old 8600gt here,but still can run eve on decent fps (30 to 50 fps)