Blurry Station Background?!

What is with the station background being blurry? How do I turn that stuff off, gives me a headache and makes me think I have vision problems. How do I turn that off?!

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You can downgrade the graphical settings options, or turn on UI only mode via Control+Shift+F9, see New "UI-Only" toggle option now on Singularity to learn more.

Downgrading graphical settings eliminates the blur? I assumed it was just a really poor design choice.

Just deactivate “Depth Of Field” should remove the Blurr at Stations.



Thanks a lot, that saved my day.
What is even the idea of this function, it just looks terrible…


saved my day as well was horrible and seemed to activate when i wasn’t even in the game
Thx man

Thank you, that fixed it.

To whomever came up with this idea - It was a really really bad idea.


One of many recently…

Yet more evidence the devs have no idea what they’re doing with this game.

It was not a great idea.

While that was neat in “photography mode” it kind of defeats the purpose of chilling in station and having the ads on the big displays when they’re all blurry. So it was nice for the 5 minutes it took to figure out how to turn it off. Not sure how it behaves when you’re out and about but if the distance is blurry mining in a belt you’d not experience the awesome environment at all :thinking:

Thanks for the hint. Poor newbros who have no idea that is not “normal” and surely not the best way stations can look.

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