Asteroid Capital ships

Simple question:

What do you need to kill an asteroid Dread?,
and to do the same with the other capitals?

Do they drop shiny loot?

Simple answer: more dps then he can rep.

Bonus answer: sometimes.

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I saw some footage about people killing NPC capitals, but it was either by using a Nyx or destroying the ■■■■ out of a Blood Raider Dreadnought with Avatar’s Doomsday ^^"

As said, you need a very big DPS, higher than what the enemy can rep. In sub capitals, a Leshak would be your best bet since you can achieve 1000+ DPS.

Concerning loot, you can get rare Capital modules, and even if the wreck is empty (I don’t think it will be empty), you can still salvage it, Capital wrecks give a ton of good salvage material !

(I think.)

A: Super - Warp to zero - Launch Lights and Heavies, 2-4 Salvos from fighters blaps Capital Rat

Bonus: Sometimes, most times you get either Drone stuff or Faction module building components

Extra: Salvage hull for high volume of 1 or 2 different salvage components

fixed that for you.

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I hunt capital rats for a living it’s fun well at least for me it is the poor guy getting an excavator 1 shot doesn’t see it as fun

Woah, didn’t expected so much ._.

Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

What type of fleet you would need to take it down with subcaps?, Can a carrier do the job?.

2 t2 fighter well fit carriers will deal with a npc capital in reasonable time

the 3k dps leshak is a fleet only pocket logi gimmick fit that can not be used solo for any practical purpose due to the obvious limitations. also it requires very high end implants and boosters another words a dedicated super expensive pod. altogether, making it so impractical to use that you are far better off bringing 2-3 cruisers and achieve your 3k while not having to deal with any of that fits drawbacks.

I’m pretty sure leshak hits 3k with just 3 damage mods and overheat. Maybe a 5% rate of fire implant but that’s not expensive.

Pretty sure if you take that monster around with an mjd you can bait people into scram grapple range and roast them with occult similar to Hyperion gameplay. Asklepian for good measure but if you’re flying a battleship worth a bill you probably have money for non poor implants.

Nope. You have to use 4x heat sinks and 3x drone damage amps with augmented ogres for it. Its a shield tank fit, have you tried flying a shield tank leshak ? LOL. I fly it, or more precisely, did try it out. Its also so cap unstable it requires not just pocket logi for heals but a cap feeder as well. Its fleet effective when you have those available, thus its extremely niche, and I do mean extremely. Without a cap feeder you aint gonna kill jack shiht on it, much less a cap rat.

Now go try fitting an actually useful fit with a decent omni tank etc. and plug it into PYFA or even the ingame simulator. To get spool-up trig gun DPS in the in-game simulator jsut multiply whatever value it gives you by 2.5

Check it out for yourself.

O, and if you do use MJD then you sure as hell aint gonna be using that Occult now are you :slight_smile: ? You’ll be using not even the T2 but the T1 ammo for teh range and end up doing around 25-30% DPS with your gun.

In fact, here you go dude, this is a leshak with 3 sinks using occult. 5% rate of fire implant, all level 5 skills except specializations are at level 4, so missing 2%. If you wanna hit that 3k you sure aint gonna do it on this type of fit.

I’m on vacation and not near a computer but I remember occult giving 2600 or something within 12ish kms. The point of the mjd is to bait people into scram grapple range. If you can mjd away at any time then they have no real tackle on you because majority of low sec don’t have hics or long scram. Range ammo won’t help you as enemies will just move out of disruptor range and warp off. The fit I’m thinking about is all in. Occult three heat sinks asklepians. Mids would be grapple web scram cap booster mjd. I don’t remember if it has 5 mids or not but it only 4 then get rid of the web.

Sorry but no. Look at the low slots, this is the fit without boosters and just that 5% ROF implant. To pass it you need more / betetr implants + booster stacks + fleet buffs. Also, it doesnt exactly leave you much room for that armor tank now does it ? You can add 4% to the total value on this pic as the specialization skills for precursor and drones at at lvl 4 not 5, but that will be it for your margin.

Going back to original topic, you are 100 times better off using 2-3 cruisers or 2 BSes for the cap rat then this leshak. If the cap rat is kinetic then use Tengus, 1400+ easily achievable DPS each with self sustaining tank and has no issues hitting any additional spawns like frigs, or drones or whatever. if the cap rat is not kinetic then just go with 3 Gilas or any of the faction cruisers PVE set ups or 3 Lokis. and just absolutely oblitarate it, again, without any of the issues of the Leshak.

2 rattlesnakes or 3 Nestors. of course you can go 3 leshaks as well as any of the PvE battleships, but I like the Nestors cause reps and not as bad range limitations as leshak with occult.

[Leshak, No expensive implant and yet 3K damage]

Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
Gistum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier
Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Large Micro Jump Drive

Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator II, Occult L
Large EMP Smartbomb II
Medium Energy Neutralizer II
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer

Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

Warden II x4
Ogre II x4

Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Surgical Strike SS-903

Here you have your cap stable 3k DPS PvE Leshak with enough buffer to GTFO if NPC goes weird. All you need (comparing to your fits listed here) is a T2 gun and skills at 5.

Nope. the fit you posted does not do 3k at all level 5 skills and especially with just 3% implant and nothing else. And this is with the smartbombs running which may or may not count due to the obvious. I imported it for you to PYFA and you will find it below to see how much it actually does do. Also, where is your self sustain at ? if you do MJD you’ll do what ? dock up so it reps and resets ? In addition, we’re talking cap rat, it can hit you pass 100km, pass MJD and with this craptastic tank you aint gonna take any of it. You have to have some sort of a self rep, and at least a half decent one at that. In addition, why did you put energy neutralizers on a PvE ship ? There are extremely few mobs in the game that can at all be affected by them at all, and only special ones like some burners etc. not regular rats. You’d be way better off going with nosferatus so that at least you get some cap sometimes of off it.

Here you go dude, all lvl 5 skills, max spool up occult:

Actually it does, when you turn on drones (with skills at all V).
I also imported it into PYFA and with the 4x Ogre IIs ‘on’ and the EMP Smartbomb ‘off’ PYFA tells me the fit does 2947 DPS (2987 DPS with smartbomb running).
When you heat the Entropic Disintegrator this goes up to 3325 DPS (3365 DPS with smartbomb running). The 3% implant adds ~74 dps.

I’ll also mention that the fit is cap stable (40.4%) with the neuts & smartbomb (and LMJD) all running, again, all Vs for skills.


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Yes you can. Use a Pashan’s turret mindlink implant and a surgical trike +5% implant and an agency pyrolancer pill.

And stop putting shields on an armor boat that has more than 4 times as much armor hp than shields to begin with.

Neuts are against eventual non-NPC tackler. Apparently , your char ‘One’ does not possess all 5 skills. Pyfa have all-5 char profile by default, why not use it. Instead of sitting 100 km out of own gun range that fit should allow you close orbit, but that is not the point. The point is that you told 'it requires very high end implants and boosters ’ and it is not true.
I am not suggesting you to use the fit you do not understand. I just wanted to show , that it is possible to get 3K DPS from Leshak without implants (replace the damage control on my fit with damage mod and you have over 3 k cold dps) or boosters. For me it is the way to kill bosses in 9/10 escallations. I do not want to train or use cap ships, that are required for this . I also hate multiboxing, so Leshak is my way how to kill the boss solo. Mobile depot make it possible to refit to what you see after you cleared all other NPC.

Against a npc dread in occult range alone is guaranteed death.