Asteroid Defense Systems - Recruiting Industrialists

Asteroid Defense Systems is a new Industrial corporation within Synergy of Steel.
We are currently looking for Industrialists and Ratters.

Members gain access to

  • The Benefits of Null Sec Industry
  • Moon Belts
  • Great Mining Anoms and Ice Belts
  • Industrial Infrastructure (Research,Copying,Manufacturing,etc)
  • Nearby Market Hubs to sell your goods
  • Jump freighter service if needed
  • Alliance Buyback
  • Low Taxes

Corp Requirements

  • 2+ Months Actively playing EVE
  • Active in US Timezone
  • Participate in corp fleets
  • Good Mic Discord and Teamspeak

If interested please stop by and say Hello in our Discord :slight_smile:

Bump :smiley: continuing on our journey to grow!

Corp leadership roles are open; inquire within :slight_smile:

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