Asteroid environments not loading

Asteroid belts do not have god rays, or particles as they should, on direct x 11 or 12, even with the option enabled and all graphics settings maxed out, i have the entire client downloaded.

is this just me or anyone else?

Edit: its not just asteroids, i get no god rays anywhere, at the sun, in deadspace, sancha zones, ive reinstalled the entire client, my gpu drivers are up to date (2080 super Mobile)

edit 2: i installed the client on my dads desktop ( a weaker machine but it has a 1080 in it, )and no issues, all graphical effects show, so im thinking the effect is hard locked on laptops? anyone with a desktop and laptop confirm this for me?

edit 3:

clean reinstall of win 11 sorted it, no idea what the issue was.

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