Asteroid Hitbox Large

2k vs 2k
no one does massive battles like eve , thats why we apear on Forbes you know
sometimes wow players want to protest and they all go to ironforge and do spells and stuff and the server crash
EVE is single shard etc

you see this

but in reality

I thought they were increasing asteroid hitbox 250% to be more realistic soon. I dont have any problems eating up a belt so this is a non issue.

What a load.

Wouldn’t an “immersive space environment” be the environment that the player is literally “immersed” in? You can’t be more “immersed” than when you are interacting with what you see.

It is “difficult to navigate a clear exit path” that’s why it’s up to the player to view their surroundings, see a path through and pilot their ship on that path. EXCEPT you can’t do that because there might be an invisible collision box in your way.

Calm down loser.

Getting unstuck from asteroids is a SKILL - I suggest you get good at the game, and stop crying so much, because nobody likes a whiny baby.


I can get “unstuck from an asteroid” just fine. Know what’s a bit more difficult? Getting unstuck from a collision box that you can’t see. BTW that box that just got you ganked belongs to one of several asteroids kilometers away from where you’re grinding to a halt. How “Immersive!”

There is a difference between “needs to only be visually rendered client slide” and “needs to be networked-coordinated between server and all clients”.

A more accurate question is: “Why doesn’t [WoW, FFXIV, BDO, V Rising, Guild Wars 2, etc] have fully destructible environmental terrain?” Mountain in your way of your quest object? Blast through it, let all other players see you dig a tunnel to optimize going straight for quest items. Another fair question: “Why can’t a minecraft server handle an MMO-load of people?” Those are all examples of MMOs accurately handling an ever-changing environment’s collision box system.

Both of those questions get to the root of the issue: “networked coordinated updates” because every single client needs to be told by “the source of truth” server what the real environmental geometry is like. Some cute dance or w/e does not fit this bill, the server just has to tell clients “they began dancing at X server time”, not “we simulated the dance for you, this is the exact pose of the dancer”.

Dancing avatars is categorically different.

Finally, you’re too young for this, but many Eve players remember the times of Drake blob fleets in nullsec where it as 50 vs 50 and in the pre-TiDi days both FCs would call primaries and the sheer number of updateable missiles (we’re talking slightly less than 1k) that spawned crashed the server. It was so reliable there were some FCs that realized Eve Online gave low-latency EU members reconnect priority so when their fleet was primarily EU based they would aggressively hunt NA and AU fleets. Crash-and-reconnect meant guaranteed whelping of the enemy. And when fleets were NA or EU based they would flee from EU based fleets. That’s the performance horrors of the past being dredged up.

Then there is no problem.

Want immersive? Sign up for NASA and go to Mars on Elon’s Starship :smile: I double-dare you.

My problem isn’t running into asteroids. It’s running into an invisible bubble representing that asteroid that is kilometers away from that asteroid.

I think your problem is you.

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if you get stuck

  1. stop your ship … nowadays there is a max timer to warp wen you are stuck but its long so STOP
  2. move the camera and double click away from the asteroid , wait a bit for your ship take some distance
  3. try to warp again
  4. if not work , repeat
  5. or call stepbrother
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Why waste your time trying to help them?

Crybabies won’t be happy until the game has no difficulty or challenge.

im a dependable dude

You need to focus on yourself. If you help all these crybabies, you will wind up regretting all the time you wasted giving good advice to absolute more ons.

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces…”


i liek smart chicks , have a heart :heart:

Also don’t forget the timeless truth:

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

Helping these people one way or another, sooner or later… WILL bite you in the rear. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure…all that really matters is spaceship and ammunition vectors. Most of what you see on the screen in any MMO is client generated. But even those vectors are not always accurate, as evidenced by the fact that warping to any saved point seldom leaves you exactly at that point.

because the point you land on the warp is also a bubble and you land randomly inside of that area



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We can do laser interferometry to within the width of a quark in the 21st century yet they can’t do warp to within 500 metres of a location in the 44th century ? Has Schrodinger’s Cat been eating all the Dilithium ? Or is the rare element Excusium involved ?