When Mining gets overhauled can we get the asteroid collision boxes updated too?

Since Asteroid Mining is likely to be get touched soon in an update is there any chance we could get some QOL tidbits and update the asteroid collision boxes to be somewhat more accurate to their visual size?

Navigating belts is kinda difficult and frustrating because the boxes are so much larger than the asteroids themselves.

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I don’t really have an opinion about bumping on asteroids, but I am curious about this. Would you happen to have a source or a link?

It was discussed at EVE Down Under that CCP wanted to alter mining soon as a response to the current system and state of the game. Thus I believe it’s likely to see something further down the road this year or next year.

Interesting. Given the context, I would reckon is more a matter of mineral balancing or ore distribution/availability from Anomalies out in nullsec considering Rorquals. But thanks for the source.

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Definitely going to touch those more than any other mechanic yeah, i’m just hoping we can squeeze some new collision boxes in too.

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