Astrek Frontier, exploration, some PvP, and a bit of everything else

We are an exploration corp that likes to shoot PVP targets of opportunity. We also do some Industry for income.

  1. The explorers probe and hack for their own gains.
  2. Eventually somebody will find a target.
  3. Everybody grabs a gun and we shoot it.

We live out of a C2 wormhole with C1 & high-sec statics. Perfect for newer folks or folks that are just new to wormholes

I like to compare living out of our citidel to being on a cruise ship that sails highsec.

  • where the holes take us dictates opportunities for the day
  • If we’re near trade hubs so we do some trading
  • if there’s a public athanor around we can take a slow day mining
  • Near a mission hub? Go grind a lil
  • In the ass crack of highsec? Go do some DED sites. Neighbor holes are probably full of relic sites too

This imo lets folks experience a vertical slice of the game and a lot of variance in gameplay, and I haven’t even gotten into all the things to do in the wormholes yet!

Here’s some other things to expect:

  • PvP Intel, I hunt daily. I tend to leave hacking to others as I like shooting more
  • A library of fully researched BPOs to turn your exploration loot into easier to sell rigs
  • Better access to all trade hubs with higher sell margins for your loot (random high-sec system, random trade hub)
  • A different high-sec & C1 system every day to launch your exploration, helping you get away from the crowds so that you find more sites without the bother of filaments
  • Shared bookmarking to help reduce redundant scanning
  • Excellent PI with 9 planets (4 of which are barren, and only 1 gas)
  • Freight service to help you move
  • Clear & concise guides that are relevant for what we do. We don’t just link you to an ocean of irrelevant reading on eveuni
  • No wars, and no hard commitments to fixed schedules
  • Free herons, magnates, and PvP frigates, expanding into other ships as we grow

Applicants are required to:

  • Have 1.5M SP or has omega on their account (Anyone can have 1.5m SP with a referral link, message me if you need one)
  • Be 18+ of age. We’re an older bunch and prefer dealing with other older people
  • Be active in US time zone (bonus if between 2:00~7:00 UTC, eve time)

For more info come speak with me between 2 to 7 eve time
In game in “Astrek Recruiting”
Or on our discord server

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