Astrek Frontier - Nomadic living on the edge of high-sec & W-space

Looking for mature and casual folks that like to explore & craft but also want to dabble in PVP when the opportunity arises.

Think of us like a corp of opportunistic carnivores, sure we’ll make do with PVE, but if fresh meat comes along… nomnomnom

The corp vision:

  • The explorers, driven by their own profit motive explores w-space.
  • If the explorers finds a target, everybody grabs a gun & shoots it.
  • The industrialists gets a free ride around all of high sec to keep mining fresh, access to w-space ores, and w-space build & refining bonuses.
  • The explorers has someone to sell their salvage to. Explorers gets first dibs on loot from kills and have a better chance to sell it at a trade hub for a higher price.
  • The corp as a whole gets a populated folder of shared bookmarks & exploration map. Explorers can drill deeper and more trade opportunities for everyone.

What can we offer you:

  • A random home system in high-sec every day
  • Freight service to & from trade hubs
  • Guidance for new players
  • Boosted mining ops in high sec
  • Occasional boosted mining in wormhole space
  • Cooperative wormhole bookmarking for deeper traversal
  • Corporate blueprint library to turn your loot into rigs
  • Excellent wormhole PI

What we want to do in the future:

  • Setup a ship replacement program
  • Get into T3 production

Preferably overlapping 2:00 to 7:00 EVE time. (US West coast 7pm to 12PM)

Come join our Discord (join code: htWRZEP) or message me in game to see if we’re right for you (initial response may be delayed as we too are playing & trying to have fun)

Bump, Still recruiting

Bump, looking also for mission runners that want SOE standing