Astrophysics - Chronology

So ye, this was a thing:

I took an intro to astro physics course when I was in Cali a few years ago… I really love astronomy… and science. I always got A+ or an A in those subjects with hardly any effort what so ever. Sadly I didnt do so great in mathematics when I was younger… and I missed out on the schooling cause I was being moved around in foster homes and ■■■■… If I had studied then… I could only imagine what ■■■■ id be thinking up now.

I always loved that show, beyond 2000, anyone remember that? that ■■■■ right there is what really got my rocks off… space, light, aliens in space having light shows… lmao… would be cool actually. I bet they got some CRAZY ass ■■■■ dog

ahh back to topic, lol free weed makes me happy, um yea this will be an excellent read. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Watched this a lot, was great for the imagination along with stuff like Mister Wizard. They re-recorded the host segments for the NA market, but the intro and all the magazine stuff was original Oz, IIRC. Probably my first exposure to futurism. Now they’re all up for viewing on YouTube.

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I always liked Nova and 3-2-1 Contact when I was a child. Id spend hours watching day time PBS when I was young.

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I will check this out.

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