News from Mercury

I was quite lucky to attend guest lectures at UCLan from the Institute of Physics (happy anniversary to them).

January’s lecture presented the topic of Thunderstorm Physics indicating that the understanding of graupel / sub-zero water interactions, although fully understood, did not equivocate the volume of charge present in a discharge event (lightning). Stepped leader detachment from the field as a factor might be the one.

The next one was presented by Dr. Suzie Imber and referred to the off-centre magnetic equator of Mercury (northern latitudes) and the X-Ray projecta stemming from the magnetic equator at the night-side. Hoagland’s martian nucleation?

March’s lecture was presented by Dr. James Binney (Oxford grad and Princeton post-doctorate)
on the topic of Stellar Dynamical Fluctuations with the presentation of the new mean distribution model for densely packed stellar globular formations.

If you are in the UK I couldn’t recommend these lectures enough, so informative and cutting edge it’s heavy.

After their events planner was sabotaged by hackers (beyond repair) a new one is available and is fully functional for bespoke events created by anyone (with some moderation / oversight)

Well worth it for anyone that wants to present events on Physics.

They also have positions within the institute of Physics for administrative / secretarial / assistant positions and the current chairman may be in need of a replacement sooner than later.

If you’re in the UK and have an interest in Physics… there is space.


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