Aurora News has relaunched

(Jandice Ymladris) #1

Greetings fellow Capsuleers.

As of today, Aurora News has been relaunched, once more bringing news across New Eden into the light. As the silence was tied with problems regarding the Arcology project stability, it stands to reason that most issues that hampered the Arcology prokject also hampered Aurora News

As I have been absent for a long time & many likely don’t know me nor Aurora News, a small summary of what to expect:
The primary focus for now will be small scale events & happenings & perhaps some lookbacks at past events & highlights. The scope of things will expand once I regain my familiarity with the greater capsuleer community & restored some of my old information sources (or find new ones!).
Some old school examples to get an idea:

For now, don’t expect any articles adressing large issues as they often require a larger & deeper understanding of the situation and I do maintain my motto of delivering quality news with integrity & respect.

The grand capsuleer news is being covered well these days by the various large news corporations, which is part of the reason that my focus will be on smaller news & events for now.

Edit: the first proper article since the relaunch has been published, so folks have an idea what to expect on the scope of things on the short term: The Isseras ghost ship

(Diana Kim) #2

Congratulations and good profits to you, Ms. Ymladris!
Would you be interested also in publishing articles about the ongoing War?

(Lasairiona Raske) #3

Congrats! I’ve missed your stories on events. :slight_smile:

By the way, the article from the Elysion was certainly a blast from the past!

(Mizhir) #4

Congratulations with the relaunch. I wish you the best of luck.

It sounds like it was a wonderful night. A shame I wasn’t there. And after countless of hours in the lab together Anslo never told me that he had a band. If I ever find that man again I will slap him.

(Jandice Ymladris) #5

Thanks for the positive messages!

This is one of the parts that will likely take some time before going into it, as i have been out capsuleer circles for a long time & the Pendulum Wars (do we still call it that?) is one of those things I like to have a good understanding about with who is involved before publishing anything about it.

Thanks! I am striving to be able to publish such articles again, but I did notice the writing’s rusty currently, but as I publish more, the quality will rise to old levels soon, and perhaps exceed them.

Thank you! And don’t be too hard on Anslo, it’s part of why I enjoy doing these articles, so we get to know our fellow capsuleers better, putting lights on aspects of their personality & culture that are rarely seen in the more open areas we frequent (as we tend to be very much on our guard in public venues like the IGS), ultimately leading to a better understanding of people.

And the first proper article since the relaunch is now published as well: The Isseras ghost ship
Enjoy the reading!

(Diana Kim) #6

No, Ms. Ymladris, we don’t call it that. And, actually, never did. It was a name assigned to the War by those capsuleers, who were disrespecting fallen warriors, as eggers love to call them “baseliners”.
I recommend you to read this article about name “Pendulum War”:

(Jandice Ymladris) #7

In my defense, I had isolated myself from capsuleer life by a year already at the time you published this insight, but this is also the reason I avoid publishing about broader events as over the course of years, some words, names & events likely have changed perceptions and/or knowledge of various things, from the wars, pirate gangs & Drifter actions.

Hence, I thank you for posting this, as it helps getting me a insight on what has changed & what has stayed the same during my period of capsuleer withdrawal.

(Utari Onzo) #9

Another publication back again… again… (how many re-launches is Aurora News up to now?)

Either way good luck.

(Lasairiona Raske) #10

I like Jandice’s style. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make it wrong.

((Btw, this is an in character forum so “irl” doesn’t really compute here))

(Lasairiona Raske) #11

Don’t be a grump, Utari.

(Selenna 'Scarlet' Solange) #12

I’ve heard much about your previous work. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing more content and possibly collaborating in future articles or events! Moitte.

(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #13

Welcome back! Good to see Aurora News back in action!

(Che Biko) #14

Welcome back.
I’ve kept checking your site almost daily. Even if AAN didn’t have any new articles, the links to other articles on other sites were handy.
Also, I’ve been investigating something that may be worthy of an article. Maybe I could use some assistance. (@Selenna_Scarlet_Solange, that goes for you too.)

(Jandice Ymladris) #15

Cheers for the warm welcome & replies folks! To answer some queries, I’m always up for learning things & receiving tips, so I’ll contact Misterr Endashi to check if he has some helpful tips & suggestions.
Regarding the number of restarts for Aurora News, this would be the second one, the first one was marred by bad timing sadly.

I’ll also get in touch with Miss Solange & Che Biko, as I am still reaching out for people, new & old for to maintain a steady stream of new articles regarding various subjects that involve & interest capsuleers.
Currently, my main information source are the various public channels, which will work for now, but on the longer term it won’t suffice.

(Halcyon Ember) #16

I’m glad to see you eporting once more.

(Nomistrav) #18

(( Hey Kenneth. This subforum is meant for role-players and is exclusively in-character. That may be why your post was flagged. ))

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