Frostline Scientists are stupid

World news 2020-12-11 22:24 By Ret Gloriaxx > However, Frostline’s theorists are suggesting the ice storms may represent a localized reduction in thermal energy, potentially caused by energy “draining” into Abyssal Deadspace through quadrillions of microscopic wormholes.

Please explain to me how to measure the thermal energy of a vaccum. Please explain how Ice can suddenly form with no delta in temperature? Even if there is a magical way, I think most elements don’t care if it’s 3°Kelvin or 2°Kelvin outside

Those are just basics of physics… I mean… who the hell pays frostline “experts” if they don’t even know how boiling water works? grrrr @frostlineexperts

I bet there must be a natural cause like a giant cold crystalline gascloud that is colliding with the cluster…

EDIT: oops, was meant to be in Lore Discussion. How did it end up here? >_<


It’s climate change, ice miners keep mining the ice, and the particles are polluting our galaxy. This is why we must have strict mining regulations.


Wow, someone comparing about RL physics in EVE…

You probably missed part about submarines?

If it was supposed to be joke. It’s not funny.

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Am astonished seeing CCP added snowcaps on top of asterooids and structure in site. It is silliest thing ever honestly.

They could have made it some shattered comets instead. Not snowcaps. And the snowing effect in space is another silly thing.

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I’ve heard this is, because the storm hit from this axis of space =)

That brings another qwestion, why all objects are positionad as rotating in the same axis if they would rotate or have any motion whatsoever… And the snow would fall from “above”. Magic I say! :woman_mage:

We will have space dragons and princesses to save soon with such pace and direction of changes.


Vacuum contains radiation.
Heat is radiation.
Vacuum can contain heat.

Specific Heat of the Vacuum (English) (


Phase Change and Latent Heat | Physics (

Not fully sure if this is satisfactory.


There’s too much context missing in your post …
… but you don’t require additional heat to boil water.

Please learn how to use a search engine.

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Even more annoying than just completely disregarding basic physics is the fact that the white out effect oftem makes me lose track of my cursor. Its a good think I am serious about hot keys.

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