Random Ideas about Ice and Salvage

Greetings a bit bored capsuleer here with too much free time. Ever since I started mining Ice I noticed something. The Space dont look the part. Downright boring.

My problem is that Ice systems just dont look… Arctic. Like a bit of a reskin maybe a tint of blue in the colour of space. Chunks of Ice spawning in the asteroid belts, a frozen effect on ships? Anything to make space look diffrent. Sounds like basic enough change but Im not an expert.

Now talking about something I think can be hard to implement:

Wreckage fields that are out come of destroying stations and Titans.
It annoys me beyond measure that Stations just do *BOOM and thats it. Where are the chunks dammit?

I think it would be cool if destruction of staions had further impact on system with their destruction. Along with there could be implemented new kind of npcs salvagers and also Rogue drones salvaging fields to make something similiar to Rats FOB’s

Well what do you think about it guys?

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We’re in ■■■■■■■ space. How much colder-looking do you want?

Blow up an abandoned citadel and they’ll spew loot everywhere.

What exactly are you proposing here? An upwell structure is tiny compared to the volume of a solar system, so it doesn’t make sense that blowing up a Raitaru would cause some major effect.


Like AOE kinetic damage when they explode? Could be interesting.
As for the actual explosion… I just try to ignore the graphics.

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Hmm well fair enough thing with sations is abit too much to ask but appearance of small pockets of valuable salvages that unless salvaged will spawn Rogue drones hive is cool in my opinion its not like the have to be the size of asteroid belts, but I do have to agree, but Ice systems still just look boring. The only diffrence between ice one and normal one is that sometime few ice anomalies spawn and I just think its insufficient diffrence

This is what peak trolling performance looks like.

Any word on Exploding Ice yet, CCP?


You MUST watch the whole video before you make any post proposing changes to ice mining…

Actually I like the idea of wreck fields having some Rogue Drones spawn that either start salvaging the wrecks or if the wreck field is large enough, use the wrecks to start building a Rogue Drone Bunker.

If the Rogue Drones are left alone and they complete the Bunker, then it turns into a Rogue Drone Anomaly site.

Yeah, would be nice if Rogue Drones still dropped Alloys and Compounds. However this could be a way to get more Drone parts from Sentient Drones.


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