Astrotech looking for Pilots!

You know we are always ready : )

Also still looking for new members. New bro friendly and willing to help train those that have yet to make to Null Sec jump.

one of our recent ops blasting a hostile fortizar. We are still looking for new folks… newbros to vets…

A little black ops fun tonight.

We’ve had lot’s of activity in our public discord recently. Come visit for your self to get to know us!

Fun roam with some friends!!

We are still looking for Newbros and Vets alike. First time Null or old bitter vet, We have a place for you!

little battleship roam with some friends… got to shoot and get shot at…good times. Even had some of our NewBros out with us :slight_smile: if ya think this could be fun stop by our discord and chat with us.


It was a fun battleship fleet. Here’s the battle report!

flying around with a few friends… come and chat with us :slight_smile:
Attitude is more important !

If you have no experience, or 10 years, we have a place for you doing something you love. Come chat with us to learn more

Don’t let the pvp requirements scare you. There’s an opportunity nearly every day and everyone wants to help you learn.

hanging out with some friends at a random sun hunting :slight_smile: think this could be fun? come chat with us on our discord, bitter vets and newbros alike!

this was a hell of a fight! tons of fun and a nice station to kill at the end. you like fights? you want to learn or maybe find a new home that’ s fun? come chat with us!

We had a blast last night on our Manic Monday fleet, with fun fittings, drinks and games. Oh and don’t forget over a bil in kill mails. Tonight we have a fun corp Sigil Regatta fleet, then a a strat op with friendlies planned. Who knows what fun we’ll find tonight?

Much fun was had by all. even NCDOT had fun (yes they actually undocked!)

We still want more pilots! Newbros and vets alike. We have already trained up several HighSec bears into some great PvPers!

Stop by our Discord and see if we might be a good fit for you.

We handed out some fully fitted capital ships to our well deserving members the other night. Come check us out and find out how you can earn free stuff while having fun!

I’ve been with this group for 8 months, they’re a great group and I’ve learned a ton about null and pvp.

Fun drops and good times had by all ! No matter if you are a newer pilot or a vet… Come and stop by our coms… chat with us and see if we are a good fit…

We’re still looking for pilots. Fun, team oriented, motivated folks should hop over to our comms.

The best part of EVE is the people. I am so proud of the friends I have made here, and so thankful to spend this holiday season with them. Come join our discord and ask what everyone got for Christmas presents in game?

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