AT Ship Marketplace

messaged in game.

ill take a hydra if you contract it to me ASAP! 130b

contract will be up tomorrow for 24 hours - responded in game aswell to mails

found one somewhere else for 124b sorry

bump - last virt sold

Bump. Added WTT and virt/tiamat/chameleon for sale

1 cham sold, tiamat pending

great prices ppl

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Hydra sold

135b for the Virtuoso?

420 for racha

Fiend + 150b for the Moracha.

Ty for friendly Bumps, Prices are rock solid tho as no one else is selling, and may not often again

Moracha is gone, only the want to trade one left.

Added WTB 2nd best meta DCU

1st Tiamat gone, added 2x hydra

Bump. was gone for the week, responding to mails, new whiptail up

up, new dcu wanted


hydra sold, 1 left

Whip pending

Whip sold - and memed about on the twitter :stuck_out_tongue: New VIrt for sale