At the car (Ship) wash - Detailing services? How about it?

I don’t know about the rest of you, my ships are looking like they need to be washed and waxed, put some glossy shine on my rides.

Where does someone take their ship to get a good scrub and polish?

I like the “skins” but what about the BLING? I could definitely see my ships in a chrome wrap or gold!

Rolling through the stars with style.

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in the SKIN selection screen, there’s a button to clean ship


WHhhhhhhaaaaa??? cool.

I’d like a wax shine button added.

I think a car-wash animation could be added that would look cool.

Thanks my ships look way better now :slight_smile:

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A Clear Coat Skin is what I’m really looking for, the newest cars and custom rigs come with heavy clear coats that give that crystalline shell look over the existing paint job.

Just grab some of these like any decent capsuleer to do the dirty work for you…

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