At the drive-in cinema

Remember drive ins? They still have one near me. It’s not bad fun, a flashback to Happy Days.

I’m sitting at the EVE drive in now.

Watching my ship while my docked capsuleer watches the corp ads up on the big screen in the dock drive in.

I keep wondering when the show will start. And where my popcorn is.

It’s a shame that the only real player created part of EVE is advertising.


… wha- ho- umm…

come again?

Yeah, I remember the Drive-Ins, would have friends get in the trunk and smuggle them in for free.



When we had CQ we could put some videos on CQ screen too. They were private so you could see everything what you want. :sunglasses:
A bit like your personal cinema, your personal assets in personal space, customizable part of game, no CCP revieving, judging and accepting anything.

Unfortunately CQ was removed and screen together with it.


inb4 Xenuria invades all the stations again :egg: :stuck_out_tongue:

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