Atarli Holes - Wormhole Sales and Distribution: Specialising in finding the right hole for you

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Wormhole sales and distribution.

Specialising in finding the right hole for you.

Current listings:

J151817 - C6 Wolf Rayet with C5 Static.

A C6 Wolf Rayet hole with good ISK making potential, with it’s static 5 also.

Other System information:

  • 6 offline towers.
  • Pocos belong to a couple of corporations.
  • No other structures.
  • Great PI.

Price: 2 Billion ISK.

Public channel: Atarli Holes

Please contact any member of the corporation, regarding questions or details. If no one is online, please contact us through our Discord, which can be found here.

Please be aware that pricing for each hole varies depending on hole class, effect, statics, and PI.

ATAHO operates on a strict payment up front policy. No exceptions.
Please note: We are currently talking to Chribba (awaiting response) to see if we can use him as a trusted third party to hold the ISK until your scanner is in the hole.

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Let us help you find your new home.

C6 WR still available.

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