Atmosphere-less lava planets

Anyone else not like these? It just looks kind of fake - I liked the hazy, smoky atmospheres better.

Like a lot of the planets. Terrestrials are the worst offenders for me.

Well, the last time I was on Mustafar the sky looked completely different.


Did you look at the sky from the high ground though?


Planet pi, lava planets this loads the full list.

How I wish my life could have problems such as lava planets in Eve Online. I will pretend to lose sleep over this.


Planets need to be redone, all of them, to look better.

How many planets have you seen with your own eyes, not video, so far?

Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. In that order.

First I would add some more atmosheres to some barren and lava planets, varied degrees of it, with haze and clouds. I think there is a small amount of clouds on some barren ones already tho.
Some more patterns for gas planets, with colours and clouds colours on them with patterns.
Terrestial planets gaining snowcaps.
Ice planets gaining more variety with how they surface is scarred and colorization of it.
The resolution of all textures increased.
Big moons getting more variety in how they look, maybe with atmospheres and ice surfaces in case of gas giants moons.

Asteroid belts should be revamped too, that small circular pattern of belt is silly, not seen in nature.

In general I think space in EVE needs to be redone.

If you looks at how atmospheric and cool looking Trig sites and space is. It is time to bring the rest of EVE up to that level for those that are not running EVE in Potato mode.

The abyssal space is kinda nice in some fields, like the light play and shape play, but I dont like the old kind of “clouds” consisting of spread and turning bitmaps with alpha channel transparency, look ugly for today standards, and the kind of flat horizontal plane clouds in liminality systems tho, with immersion breaking lightning and too much red, too fantasy for me, and not enough good quality looking space “horizon”.

With the exception of Earth, wrong, but thanks for playing!

Earth was the first planet I ever saw. I was a few hours old.

Note I didnt dispute you seeing Earth with your own eyes.

but you dispute my being able to see naked-eye observable celestial bodies with my own eyes?

How blind do you think I am?

I dispute anyone who says they did that while claiming any other third hand observation is any less valid, yes :slight_smile:

There are likely atmosphereless lava plannets, moons & comets. Celestial atmosphere retention is owed to mass of the celestial body not how much gas it emits. Small plannets can lose atmosphere even if they are undergoing a vulcan process, the matter being ejected out of the celestial influence & possibly into another.

I think there maybe moons that eject or have ejected to gas giants here in sol? I am not an expert.

wait, where did I do that?

Oh cmon, this joke is going on long enough. You clearly know enough about astronomy to know.