ATRAX HOLLOW - WH PVP Alliance - Looking For an EU and AUTZ Corp

We are a laid-back and relaxed alliance with a primary focus on small gang and fleet PvP within J-Space.

ATRAX. Discord - ATRAX.

Alliance zKb - Atrax Hollow | Alliance | zKillboard

We are looking to bring in two corps with small to medium member counts, specifically focused on the EU and AUTZ timezones. This strategic move aims to diversify our content across additional timezones while maintaining a consistent core group within each corporation. This approach allows for sustained growth and provides opportunities for corps to engage with content in their preferred timezones.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Content Spread: Expand our presence and activities across multiple timezones.
  • Consistent Core Group: Ensure that each corporation’s core group remains steady within their timezone for ongoing growth.
  • Allied Support: Provide allied corporations within the alliance for coordinated timer management.
  • Increased Forming Numbers: Access additional members for forming fleets and engaging in diverse PvP scenarios.

If your corporation aligns with our goals and operates in the EU or AUTZ timezones, we invite you to join us.

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