Can you please for the love of all things gaming get rid of them SILLY OP ATS off the market. Both the new ATS are 100isk each and there OP as. There is almost no point testing anything ship in the test server if there all you see is them Silly OP ships. WHY WHY WHY do you need to have them on the market for 100isk each for?

The test server is for testing, I don’t see why these ships shouldn’t be available for testing.

If you wish to have a more normal balanced PvP environment, maybe try the live server instead?

So you prefer most of the player that use the test server to TEST real fits to use ATS only? Plus I use the TQ more than SISI, but you need to know the fit you looking at using in TQ works RIght? How can you do that with ATS with there OP Dps and OP tank are free to use for all. All i’m saying is take them off the market. The people that have on TQ can use them in SISI, but don’t have them on for 100isk each OMG.

The test server is for testing.

If I wish to test a fit I can log in a character, buy exactly that fit for only a couple 100 ISK and use it in a scenario that I make for it. Sometimes that requires another ship to fight, in which case I can ask a corporation member to help me, or log in an alt to be my practice target.

And if there are upcoming updates, we can buy any items we need and test those updates.

What is it that you wish to test that you cannot test because of AT ships?

Or are you perhaps one of those people using the test server as a cheap PvP playing ground and are annoyed that other players doing the same thing are using AT ships?

I use SISI for testing, its hard to get a feeling for how you can tank a ship when all you see is ATS shooting ya. I use TQ for my fights all day long.

It’s more accurate to know how well it can tank if you work together with someone else or an alt flying a ship of which you know their mods, boosters and implants.

Whether some random guy is shooting with an AT ship or with over the top bling or a dozen dreadnaughts doesn’t really help you test anything accurately. So, why not find an empty system and a friend or alt to test in a controlled environment instead?

As a positive side effect of such a test: it doesn’t matter what else is available on the market like AT ships.

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