Let People Buy All AT ships on Test server + Drifter Ships

Hey, if you could let otjhers buy all at ships on test server, i think itd make it more fun, and well more believible its a test server. just a idea i had, and drifter ships. well, hey there fun to play with?

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drifters in player hands would be interessing

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Yeah sure and to not get “out of hand” only make them available for black credit card owners, so with their infinite accounts and titan blobbh don’t become so oppressive as drifter online.

first, you could only get drifter hull no drifters modules,just hull it appears it might have 6 or 7 high slots and 3 or 4 med slots unknown if they have low slots and rigging slots

drifter battleship wou;ld be unique and rare,maybe available in concord LP store.

but here is why we wont be able to fly drifter ships

  • they dont have fitting slots at all,ccp need rework drifter hulls to be used for players
  • high price high demand
  • no lux kontos for players
  • no drifter doomsday for players

Well we have the Marshal now.

I Downvote this

Its a test server for finding bugs and testing that new and existing features work, its not a test server in the sense of it being your playground, so no i also downvote this

i upvote this in case ccp return to drifters and make them playable

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How does this aid testing in any way?

You understand that by “test server” they mean an environment for players to assist CCP in testing content and adjustments prior to deployment, right? It doesn’t mean, “An environment for players to test whatever random-ass ■■■■ they can dream of.”

Maybe CCP should call it a Quality Assurance server instead of a test server. Then people might realize it exists to test new game features before they go live on Tranquility and not simply a place for players to try out new fits - though it works well for that too. But only for “standard” equipment - faction gear and exotic stuff isn’t seeded, though anything you have in your inventory will get copied over with the next mirror and you can buy faction gear on the market - at full price.

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